Yarek Godfrey

27 09 2014

Yarek Godfrey - (50) Yarek Godfrey (26) Yarek Godfrey (27) Yarek GODFREY by Catherine La Rose (53) Yarek Godfrey1 Yarek Godfrey2 Yarek Godfrey3 Yarek Godfrey4 Yarek Godfrey5 Yarek Godfrey6 Yarek Godfrey8 Yarek Godfrey11 Yarek Godfrey88Explicitly sexual in nature Yarek Godfrey’s work is very exciting. One almost forgets the limited palette. (Forgive me I had a little to drink at dinner tonight.) I wonder why all the models are of the same stature and age group. And why no one is laughing.