Vincent Van Gogh/ Petros Vrellis

14 02 2012

“A try to visualize the flow of the famous painting “Starry Night” of Vincent Van Gogh.
The user can interact with the animation. Also, the sound responds to the flow.
Made with openframeworks.”

It seems like a nice idea. Its an entertaining one. I saw a similar thing the other day at a movie theatre. Kids were jumping on spots of light that would explode, move around etc. Maybe I’m just being a poop. Certainly most people’s reaction to this idea has been positive. But would you use the same idea on The Sisteen Chapel? Or a de Kooning. I could go down the line. Animating great paintings is kitsch. And there is another reason I’m not crazy about it. Because I’ve seen what Van Gogh has seen. I was on Acid. Van Gogh was either feeling the affects of the inferior paints he was using or was suffering the results of being in the sun too long. The animation is 2 dimensional. Van Gogh’s work is more than 3 dimensional. And it may also involve several other senses. His visual depictions may represent smell. Or hearing. If the artist didn’t do it, leave it alone.

Karen McRae

6 01 2012

It as if we have seen these images a million times. Peasants in Van Gogh’s paintings. Women at mass. Mourners at a funeral. Victims waiting to be executed. They seem to have the weight of the moment on their shoulders. As if they bare the sadness of the world.Karen McRae. Check out her other work. A wonderful photographer.

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Van Gogh

2 09 2011

This is another one of these wonderful morph movies (sounds like snuff movies) by Phillip Scott Johnson. This one is a favourite of mine because for a good part of my life people thought I looked like Van Gogh. And of course Van Gogh is a great favourite of young romantic artists. Who fancy a young death as part of an artist’s resume.