Only men should read

17 08 2011

I live with 3 women. Sometimes its like living with angels. At other times, its like Macbeth. And the witches. Oh there are things brewing. We have one washroom. In the middle of the winter you can see my footprints in the snow leading to some bushes deep in our back yard. Where unmentionable things happen. I gotta pee. And then they talk. In front of me. About things. Like I wasn’t there. But I have my revenge. In these stories. That only men should read. For sustenance. For support.

Read Women Gone Mad…. Part 1

Bicycle Thieves

9 08 2011

It was the nineteen fifties. The suburbs. Septic tanks. Cape Cod houses. Row on row. New schools. Bullies. Mad boys. Black and white television. Aerials. Dogs running free. Pond hockey. Cigarettes. Teenage crushes. Bicycle Thieves. And death.

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