Rafal Olbinski

23 09 2014

Rafal Olbinski is in what I would call the mainstream of surrealism. You can see a direct link between himself and Dali, and Magritte. His work his filled with cute and wonderfully amusing tricks. Almost mind knots.

Rafal Olbinski (2) Rafal Olbinski Paintings 10 Rafal Olbinski1 rafal olbinski4 Rafal Olbinski12 Rafal Olbinski13 Rafal Olbinski14 Rafal Olbinski15 Rafal Olbinski16 rafal-olbinski

rafal olbinski

28 11 2013

I hate the expression clever. It implies that someone is intelligent but reaching higher than he should. rafal olbinski’s work is clever. And fun to look at. What does it all mean? No idea.

Rafal Oblinski1 RAFAL OLBINSKI  610 Rafal Olbinski Paintings 22 Rafal Olbinski2 rafal olbinski16 rafal olbinski21 rafal olbinskila-boheme-art-print rafal_olbinski_polky_5 rafal-olbinski8

Rafal Olbinski

28 02 2012

You can see Magritte. And Dali. I could go on. There is nothing wrong with having influences. And this artist has ideas. But he is not brilliant. Accomplished sounds insulting. And that is not my intent. But no matter how much I respect his work, I can’t help but thinking that I’ve seen each piece before.

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