2 07 2016

Françoise Gilot

6 09 2014

Francois Gilot. She was Picasso’s mistress and mother of 3 of his children. Inevitably you see her work through Picasso lens.

Françoise Gilot2 Françoise Gilot3 Françoise Gilot4 Françoise Gilot5 Françoise Gilot6 Françoise Gilot7 Francoise-Gilot-la-demoiselle-de-Picasso_article_landscape_pm_v8 francois-gilot-picasso

Makeup and sweat

23 06 2011

A few years ago I decided to do a series of pieces on faces. As you can see there is a lot of influence of Picasso. Although everything is in black and white and skin tones. This is all cut and paste. Perhaps I should do another series.

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Beverley from Scarborough

23 09 2010

A friend called this collage my Picasso piece. Actually it was partially experimentation. Reminded me of life in Scarborough. Where they built all these subdivisions. Then rationalised afterwards how this was the 21st Century way of life. When what it seemed to me was wall to wall, block on block, of loneliness. I did notice aspects of Picasso when I was working on it. But I think this has more to do with Picasso breaking up his images and reinventing them in a different order. He was dealing with what might be called temporal collage. For me this piece is more like genetic collage. Take a bunch of different poses from different people and make one new person. Voila! Frankenstein. Or Beverley from Scarborough.