Phillip Scott Johnson

11 01 2012

Mr. Johnson always does such a great job of these that they are worth watching again.

Philip Scott Johnson

24 10 2011

Its always fun to look at work by

Philip Scott Johnson.

The images are mesmerizing.

Philip Scott Johnson

31 08 2011

This is another of Philip Scott Johnson’s morphing videos. This was done for the CBS network. I don’t know why these are so fascinating. Maybe because whats interesting is what happens between faces as if there was another face stuck in there. The missing link.

Faces of fashion

23 08 2011

Its late. This is another Philip Scott Johnson’s video. This one is on the faces of fashion. Funny that you know what the trick is but you can’t stop looking. I enjoy this morphing business so much that I downloaded a simple program and tried a few things. Of course there is no way I would try and duplicate the technical skills of Mr. Johnson. But its fun to play with.

Philip Scott Johnson

22 08 2011

This is a wonderful little video called Women In Art by Philip Scott Johnson. Its a series of morphs. It is striking. And the portraits seem to come alive as they are molded into each other. It has given me some ideas that I would like to work on. (TIME)