man in the white suit

28 08 2016

Man in the white suit

Marilyn’s Bed

15 07 2016

Marilyn's Bed

Strange object lands on Pitts Field

12 06 2015

The Edwardians. strange object lands on Pitts Field2by David Halliday


first UFO ever photographed…

death of Marilyn

10 06 2015

Death of Marilynby David Halliday

Marilyn has left the room…

22 02 2015

Marilyn has left the David Halliday

that infectious smile

9 11 2014

that infectious smileby David Halliday

but my heart belongs to daddy…

7 09 2014

but my heart belongs to daddyan alien Monroe


by David Halliday

The pink room was filled with regrets…

14 04 2014

The pink room was filled with regrets..Marilyn Monroe and Lee Harvey Oswald. Both iconic images.

by David Halliday

You know how to whistle, don’t ya?

27 10 2011

I’ve got to find those glasses. The 3D glasses. This is Stefan Da Costa Gomez’s work. Normally I would have passed this over but Bogart and Monroe are two of his pieces. The guy has such good taste in icons I can’t resist.

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Mircea Eliade – Monroe to Hitler

18 08 2010

What is the reason for archetypal figures? And are there so many that we cannot distinguish individuals from those types? Do we in fact know anyone except as some kind of generalization? He or she is this or that type of person. Are we incapable as human beings in seeing individuality? The idea is frightening. Do we know anyone, even our most loved ones, our mates, our children? Ourselves?