Tanja Vetter

18 03 2013

I love story telling in paintings. Perhaps because it engages the viewer on a little trip. Tanja Vetter’s works are like snap shots with a camera. The joy of the moment. Perhaps the danger as well.

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Daniel Pitin

16 09 2012

Daniel Pitin’s work could be called ‘the ordinary life of paint’. It is as if ordinary events in a parallel world were happening in art. That the extraordinary were banal. I’ve seen work like this before and I have either glazed over it or have been snagged and once snagged, curious. What am I looking at?

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Catrin Welz-Stein

14 09 2012

I am always surprised and delighted by the number of artists who seem to have been freed by photoshop to extend their imagination. Its as if whole new worlds have appeared in our consciousness. Catrin Welz-Stein is just such an artist.

“A large part of my work is the search for license-free images, illustrations or photos, for which copyright has long expired. Old books, magazines and the Internet are my primary resources for that. Once I have found the fitting image, I break it into pieces and then weave it back together mixed with other images. I transform, assemble and retouch the pieces, until the original image is no longer recognizable and an entirely new image is created.”

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