Mary Virginia Carmack

15 06 2013

This artist has a ton of terrific work. There is a variety of styles in her collages and her photo work is also superb.

MaryVirginiaCarmack1 MaryVirginiaCarmack2 MaryVirginiaCarmack3 MaryVirginiaCarmack4 MaryVirginiaCarmack5 MaryVirginiaCarmack6 MaryVirginiaCarmack7 MaryVirginiaCarmack8


Mark Boellard

18 05 2013

Boellaard creates collages of the simplest order. They are often photographs with a few small changes. But the changes are everything.

Boellaard1 Boellaard2 Boellaard3 Boellaard4

Erwan Le Vourch

15 05 2013

Le Vourch uses both digital and cut and paste for his collages. I think his digital collages are more affective. Although I like the courage to do simple collages, many of these cut and paste collages seem pedestrian. But just when you’re opinion sours you run across a collage that is enlightening and fun. Perhaps it is all subjective.

erwan le vourch1 erwan le vourch2 erwan le vourch3 erwan le vourch4 erwan le vourch5 erwan le vourch6

Eliseo Pau

4 04 2013

Photographer. Painter. Some of his work has that wow factor. Other pieces the ho hum. Still we worth the look.

Eliseo Pau1 Eliseo Pau2 Eliseo Pau3 Eliseo Pau4 Eliseo Pau5 Eliseo Pau6 Eliswo Pau4

Bia Ferrer

4 04 2013

“Dinners, good music and lots of fantasy. Shooting was the next step and although nothing has been agreed or thought the photo flowed naturally. Unconnected scenes, blurry, poorly lit .. but full of meaning, at least to me.

I recorded these moments for almost 08 years, and not always all meetings were photographed, the picture only came when she asked .. was instinctive. Sometimes it was only one, who translated all my feelings and made a synthesis of history, others, several photos were made, as if I wanted to create a narrative that night …”

Her pictures are eclectic. Some times you have to reach into the picture to try and figure out what you are looking at. Other times the pic assaults you.

Bia Ferrer1 Bia Ferrer2 Bia Ferrer3 Bia Ferrer4 Bia Ferrer5 Bia Ferrer6 Bia Ferrer7 Bia Ferrer8 Bia Ferrer9

Chen Man

1 04 2013

Her photographs are strong, very colourful, and inventive. Almost as if she were leading China herself into the 21st century.

Her images were arresting and fantastical, and they instantly garnered attention, as did the artist herself. At the time, she was only 23 and still in school, but she represented the next generation, who no longer felt constrained by many of the limitations their nation imposed.  (

Chen Man1 Chen Man2 Chen Man3 Chen Man4 Chen Man5

Joshua Hagler

27 03 2013

Joshua Hagler. What an interesting artist. Some of his work resembles the Flemish painters Bosch and Brueghel. Their works are filled with imagery and metaphors. And so I Hagler’s. Plus his work has that easy surreal flow about it. Collage like. His work is political. And also a social commentary.

The Evangelists from Joshua Hagler on Vimeo.

Joshua Hagler1 Joshua Hagler2 Joshua Hagler3 Joshua Hagler4 Joshua Hagler5 Joshua Hagler6 Joshua Hagler7 Joshua Hagler8 Joshua Hagler9

Tanja Vetter

18 03 2013

I love story telling in paintings. Perhaps because it engages the viewer on a little trip. Tanja Vetter’s works are like snap shots with a camera. The joy of the moment. Perhaps the danger as well.

Tanja Vetter1 Tanja Vetter2 Tanja Vetter3 Tanja Vetter4 Tanja Vetter5 Tanja Vetter6 Tanja Vetter7

Daniel Pitin

16 09 2012

Daniel Pitin’s work could be called ‘the ordinary life of paint’. It is as if ordinary events in a parallel world were happening in art. That the extraordinary were banal. I’ve seen work like this before and I have either glazed over it or have been snagged and once snagged, curious. What am I looking at?

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Catrin Welz-Stein

14 09 2012

I am always surprised and delighted by the number of artists who seem to have been freed by photoshop to extend their imagination. Its as if whole new worlds have appeared in our consciousness. Catrin Welz-Stein is just such an artist.

“A large part of my work is the search for license-free images, illustrations or photos, for which copyright has long expired. Old books, magazines and the Internet are my primary resources for that. Once I have found the fitting image, I break it into pieces and then weave it back together mixed with other images. I transform, assemble and retouch the pieces, until the original image is no longer recognizable and an entirely new image is created.”

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