sisters to their chambers…

26 11 2015

The Singularly Directional Universe

25 11 2015

Hitler’s Dream Room

15 10 2015

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John Heartfield

26 07 2013

He was by any standard a courageous man. His fight against Nazism was at the core of much of his work. So was humor. He snickered. Made Hitler look like the school yard bully, that he was.

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Albert Speer

28 01 2012

What is beauty? Is it’s appreciation reserved for the pure of heart?

Albert Speer is an interesting fellow. And a frightening one. Because he raises the question that many of us don’t appreciate. We assume that art is associated with the good. That beauty is not part of the make up of monsters. Hitler himself was a second grade artist. But so was Churchill. So are most artists.

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Eolo Perfido

7 09 2011

Eolo Perfido has an interesting story to tell. Or at least his family does. Read about his grandfather. Perfido is a successful professional photographer. His staged photos are at times disturbing and provocative. Which means of course that I like them. I’m also fascinated… no, that’s too grandiose a work. I’m intrigued by artists who can survive/succeed in the commercial world and still produce good art. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair.

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