Life near Guelph #34 shortly before 2

20 05 2017

Life near Guelph #34 shortly before 2

Life in Guelph #33 heading toward Puslinch

19 05 2017

Life in Guelph #33 heading toward Puslinch

Life in Guelph #31 Cork Street

4 05 2017

Life in Guelph #31 Cork Street

Life in Guelph #30 Woolwich and Eramosa

29 04 2017

Life in Guelph #30 Woolwich and Eramosa

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5 02 2017



David Halliday’s Victor Genova in Guelph

2 11 2016

Ed Kuris

1 08 2013

A friend of mine has started a blog. Ed comes out of the fog of time via the coal fields of Nova Scotia and the mountains of Slovakia. He was the top student in advertising at the Ontario College of Art. For years he worked in the commercial art world but returned to his first love, painting. He is also a poet so his blog should be interesting. It would be well worth one’s time to check it out.



mom speaks to me with feathers,
mute tongues,
soft messages prompting my journey,
punctuation under my footstep.

this summer i collected six black feathers
i wondered what sense
came with these announcements.

before leaving for my wife’s surgery
i found a blue feather in our evergreen
out of the blue,
a silken promise of open skies.

the purification took place,
Nata had malignancy pared out.

the surgeon cut out my tongue.

i carried my devastation outside of the hospital,
wept over a sewer pipe, broken gestalts,
negotiated with eternity,
smoked a cigarette.
under my foot, a blue feather.

when Nata came out of surgery
she said, “i’m glad i got that off my chest”.
i knew we’d be okay.

i told her about the feather,
a mother’s reassurances
that there will be blue skies…..

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