Irving Penn

19 06 2013

There is nothing one can say about Irving Penn’s work. Just look.

irving_penn_01Irving Penn2 Irving Penn3 Irving Penn5 Irving Penn6 Irving Penn7 Irving Penn8 Irving Penn9 Irving Penn10 Irving Penn11 Irving Penn12 IrvingPenn4

Nikita Nomerz

20 05 2013

Nikita Nomerz

I love street art. And this artist’s work is fabulous.

Nikita Nomerz1 Nikita Nomerz2 Nikita Nomerz3 Nikita Nomerz4 Nikita Nomerz5 Nikita Nomerz6 Nikita Nomerz7 Nikita Nomerz8 Nikita Nomerz9

Stenograffiya Festival – 2013 from Nikita Nomerz on Vimeo.

Kelly Nicolaisen

26 04 2013

Her work is fun. Some of it is light humor. Other is parody. It is not drawn out of despair. No graveside humor. Mostly wonder and bewilderment.

Kelly Nicolaisen1 Kelly Nicolaisen2 Kelly Nicolaisen3 Kelly Nicolaisen4 Kelly Nicolaisen5 Kelly Nicolaisen6 Kelly Nicolaisen7 Kelly Nicolaisen8 Kelly Nicolaisen9 Kelly Nicolaisen10

Tom Waits

3 04 2013

Tom Waits always seemed old to me. His voice was old. Raspy and tarnished like Dylan’s voice is now. But then I saw a picture of Waits as a kid and I realized I knew him. He was the kid next door. The one who walked around the neighbourhood on stilts and peaked in people’s windows. And he always smoked. Like it was the cigarette that was singing and Waits was his dummy. But he’s a great talent. And I’ve loved him like the aunt who we used to visit in Baltimore. And who used to hug me so tight in her big bosom.

Tom Waits1 Tom Waits2 tom Waits3 Tom Waits4

Stan Winston

21 03 2013

Stan Winston. Creatures from the nightmares of children. I can still feel the breath of t-rex on my face. These creatures in many films are the stars. We can almost imagine how horrible a world it would be, were they real.

Stan Winston | The Terminator | Jurassic Park | Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review
Stan Winston1 Stan Winston2 Stan Winston3 Stan Winston4 Stan Winston5 Stan Winston6 Stan Winston7 Stan Winston8 Stan Winston9

Roy Lichtenstein

24 02 2013

I had a huge comic book collection when I was a kid. Over a thousand. A couple dozen, I later learned, were worth considerable money. My mother threw them all out. Perhaps I was traumatized but I have never had a warm feeling for Lichtenstein’s work. Lichtenstein did receive considerable criticism. Many said he was parodying modern pop culture. If this is the case why would you create so many different paintings in this style.

roy_lichtenstein1 roy_lichtenstein2 roy_lichtenstein3 Roy-Lichtenstein-4 Roy-Lichtenstein-5 Roy-Lichtenstein-6

Tommy Ingberg

17 09 2012

His photographs are mesmerizing. The landscape is bleak. And the body language of his favourite character is depressing. Almost oppressive. Tommy Ingberg.

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