you gotta match… not since Newton

27 02 2016

you gotta match.... not since Newton

humpty dumpty

23 11 2015

Einstein and Genova on the beach

22 05 2015

Einstein and Genova on the beachby David Halliday

a slow summer in physics

1 10 2014

a slow summer in physicsLauren Bacall and Einstein. Two of my heroes.


by David Halliday


14 09 2011

Its a Nike commercial. Still it does a beautiful job of talking about time.

Director: Joseph Kosinski
Production Company: KDLAB
Design/Edit: Joseph Kosinski
3D: Joseph Kosinski, Oliver Zeller
Motion Graphics Titles: Dean Di Simone
Executive Producer: Chris Buckley
Still Photography: Dan Pak
Make-Up/Hair: Koji Higashino
Twin: Melissa Hilmer
Voice: Sabine El Chamaa
Music: TRS-80

A World Inside A World

26 07 2010

Jack is a world inside a world. A dream inside a dream. Einstein inside Newton. Hemingway inside Aristophanes. A noun inside a verb. An idea inside an acorn. It is the knot that we call consciousness.

Einstein and Marilyn Monroe

22 06 2008

Einstein and Marilyn Monroe are 2 more characters who have become part of our cultural wallpaper. Einstein the elusive but lovable scientist. Marilyn the dumb tragic blond.


Einstein and Marilyn Monroe

August 18, 2008 by Maynard G. Krebs

“This is the end. The latest bulletin from my doctor. The tumour has grown. In an ordinary head it would have long ago brought me to my knees. But since I was born with an abnormally large cranium, the tumour’s work has taken longer. The doc says that I have weeks left. How will I bite the dust? He can’t say. It may be long and painful. On the other hand I might be as lucky as Kennedy. A shot to the head. Darkness in moments. I may be sleeping or dancing melodically. To something from Stan Kenton and his Orchestra. Do nothing till you hear from me, pay no attention to what’s said. why people tear the seams of anyone’s dreams, is over my head.”

When I’m gone it won’t be a candle in the darkness stuff. I’ll just be gone. Like a breath of air released in a sigh. Man, I love the world but the world don’t give a shit. Like a beautiful chick that won’t look your way. Don’t even talk about affection. We’re talking simple attention. Maybe if you’re a great man. Like Mr. Louis Armstrong, she might glance your way. Throw you a smile. But not me. She don’t even know I exist. And short of shooting a president, she never will.”

“And then I’m wondering why there are all these horror films. Especially made for young people. Why do teenagers want to be scared to death? It isn’t death itself. Most of the time they feel invincible. Is it because the world scares the shit out of them anyway? That’s where poetry comes in. It makes things seem interesting. Even shit that scares the shit out of you. Especially zombies. What are zombies? Young Republicans? Or just the average Joe? Like being half-awake. Like sleep walking through life. T. S. Eliot’s straw men. Man, I wish I was Einstein. He was the only real human being in the twentieth century. Him and Marilyn Monroe.”


Palace Royale