the artist Ed Kuris

17 10 2016


Peter Aspell

1 07 2016


The Ed Kuris page

21 05 2016

check out this sight that I put some of my work about the artist Ed Kuris.

Ed Kuris, the artist .


you’ve always been a punk, Kuris... Hey pops, easy on the Old Spice



old friends turning into stone

15 02 2016

Old friends turning into stone

fall of the house of Kuris

15 02 2016

the fall of the house of kurisv2

Ed Kuris 1960s

29 01 2016

Ed Kuris 1960s

Ed Kuris

22 12 2015


Hard Brush Soft Paint

19 12 2015

I created an artist. And then lived through him for some time to create situations that I then wrote poems about. The artist is based vaguely on a close friend of mine and a fellow artist, Ed Kuris.  The poems were gathered in a book called Hard Brush Soft Paint.

the squire of Radbourne Hall, Lord Edward Kuris

9 11 2015

the squire of Radbourne Hall, Lord Edward Kuris

Street Art 58

16 10 2015

Street Art 58