the mechanic

22 06 2016

The Mechanic

Buster Keaton dies in Elora, Ontario, at the age of 120

21 07 2015

Buster Keaton dies in Elora, Ontario at the age of 120by David Halliday

Martin Gerlach Jr.

23 07 2012

A wicked sense of humor. An eye for history. And the changing urban landscape. Most of his work, I understand, was sold as postcards. They are now probably distributed throughout the world. Safely locked away as family heirlooms in photographic albums. Or they are lost. Or still in the mails somewhere even after a hundred years. I like the latter possibility. It parallels Gerlach’s humor.

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And because I love Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton

19 05 2012

Why is Buster Keaton so sad? He lives in a world of mishap. And why is it so funny to see him so sad. He is one of the most peculiar creations in the 20th century. Because he is an enigma. And because he addresses the real identity of humanity. Pathetic perhaps. But loveable. Not mean-spirited. But crafty. Almost sly. Later in his life he would talk. And he sounded hollow.

If there was a challenger to T. S. Eliot’s vision of the Hollow Men, it was Buster Keaton. And I think that Keaton’s is more honest. And more profound.

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Sigurdur Gudmundsson

16 09 2011

Mr. Gudmundsson is an odd fellow. At variance with the rest of human kind. He is the lone figure in a bleak world. Sounds very Germanic. But I believe Mr. Gudmundsson is from Iceland. If he isn’t he should be given citizenship. Because his work seems to involve a kind of courage. The little man standing up to the cruelty of the landscape. He reminds me of Buster Keaton. His work is comic in its futility. The little man, just standing there.

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Buster Keaton

12 09 2011

Buster Keaton was one of the great comic minds of the 20th century. He did stunts that were clever, very amusing, and at the same time… dangerous. Watch this little video and remind yourself again and again, ‘he’s doing it for real.’ No computer tricks, no stunt men, no animation. No laughtrack. Everything was silent. In black and white. Just look at the expression on his face and the things his character is going through. He is so noble. It hurts.