Must be Santa…

18 12 2011

This is my favourite Christmas video. If you haven’t seen it you’re in for a treat. Is the kid that is trying to get away, Jakob Dylan. Sure looks like him.

album covers as art

18 09 2011

Album covers are held in great regard by many people. Most are just posters of their idol’s face. But there are many that are surreal in quality or are collages. The first collage I remember being affected by was Sargeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. And soon thereafter or about the same time. I cannot recall exactly was a Bob Dylan album. Bringing It All Back Home. Very few album covers are art. Of course those who idolize the singers cannot see this. Elvis had such nice teeth. Dylan nice hair. And the Rolling Stones… shoes. Here is a brief collection of some of my favourites. Covers. Actually I only like the two album covers I mentioned but that’s a bit boring. So let’s pretend. Look through your own collection. You’re going to find some pretty awful stuff.

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here are some album covers cleverly animated

Bob Dylan

5 08 2011

I did not expect to be writing about Bob Dylan. I’m sure the guy is sick of hearing people thank him for the influence he has had on their lives. But he’ll never read this. So. Thanks. I knew he painted. I think a couple of his album covers have his work on. But I stumbled upon some other exhibitions he’s had. Well, I couldn’t help myself. When I started this blog I had promised myself to stick to work that was related either to surrealism or collage work. Dylan’s isn’t. But after looking at his work, check out Van Gogh’s stuff. Not that Dylan is Van Gogh’s equal as a visual artist but the similarities seem pretty obvious to me.

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There are two short videos on his work. Both about exhibitions in Europe.

And finally there is Bruce Springsteens introduction of  Dylan to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. I hope Bruce does as good a job on my inclusion in the hall.


24 12 2009

Its Christmas eve and I’m not sure that I exist. When you die is that the revelation. I was here. Or… So much noise around me. I can’t hear. Sometimes it feels as if I’m in a packed elevator and I’ve forgotten to choose my floor. And sometimes I have this awful craving to be 23 again. Make the same mistakes. Be just as miserable. But have that lovely feeling that its okay to put things off. I’m not sure what I’m working on next. I have what I call a jazz novel. But I wanted to illustrate it. And then I have a few story sketches that I outlined for a possible comic strip with my brother-in-law. That’s looking very dubious. He’s just too busy with other projects. I would like to illustrate these pieces as well but try a different style. Like Julien Picaud. All of this requires a commitment of time. And I love doing the work. But it all seems so self-satisfying. I’ve always believed that if you were going to write or paint or do anything creative, you should have an audience. Otherwise it was just masturbation. But my head is exploding. And if I don’t work I get depressed. Its like an addiction. Something my brain has gotten to enjoy. Is it really a good idea to keep feeding the bastard? Sometimes Bob Dylan pops into my dreams. He doesn’t have much to say. And he’s always dressed shabbily. Other times (not so frequently since  he died) Pierre Eliot Trudeau appears. He’s always disappearing into a snow storm. I’ve never been visited by any religious figures. (God never makes an appearance. Not even a trailer.) Nor old girl friends. And I have to decide what to do. Maybe I’ll go see a movie with my wife. Or my girl friend. Or my girl friend’s mother-in-law. Too many choices.

The Saints of Jazz – a cover

18 12 2009

Well this is it. My cover for the book The Saints of Jazz. It is the layering of three faces, Dinah Shore, Nina Simone, Anita O’Day and Ivie Anderson. I think it turned out rather well. Now I have to find a publisher or some way to wave the flag in public. Maybe I’ll send it to Bob Dylan. (A remark right off the top of my head. Probably because I’ve been listening so much to his last 2 CDs which are wonderful.)