Bob Dylan Boulevaard

28 08 2017

Bob Dylan Boulevaard

Bob Dylan vs The Beach

11 03 2016

Bob Dylan vs The Beach

Bob Dylan’s lonesome thoughts

30 05 2015

Bob Dylan's Lonesome ThoughtsV2by David Halliday

she’s the one…

5 11 2014

she's the one I've been singing about for years, places far and places near

Dylan in transit

30 07 2014

Dylan in transit2Dylan is a crazy oasis in the middle of an insane world.


by David Halliday

Bob Dylan

3 11 2013

I did not expect to be writing about Bob Dylan. I’m sure the guy is sick of hearing people thank him for the influence he has had on their lives. But he’ll never read this. So. Thanks. I knew he painted. I think a couple of his album covers have his work on. But I stumbled upon some other exhibitions he’s had. Well, I couldn’t help myself. When I started this blog I had promised myself to stick to work that was related either to surrealism or collage work. Dylan’s isn’t. But after looking at his work, check out Van Gogh’s stuff. Not that Dylan is Van Gogh’s equal as a visual artist but the similarities seem pretty obvious to me.

Bob Dylan1 Bob Dylan2 Bob Dylan3 Bob Dylan4 Bob Dylan5


Dylan vs. Warhohl

30 01 2012

We had a film festival in University. Imagine that. And one of the films was a Warhohl. 12 hours or so long. Of the Empire State Building. There was no seating after the first five minutes. 12 hours of watching a building. From up high. From another tall building. Well here we have a shorter version. 3 minutes or so of a young Bob Dylan. Its a screen test. I think Dylan flunked. So if you have a few extra minutes in your life, try watching it. Actually Dylan is very watcheable. And he’s not as tall as the Empire State Building.