3 05 2012

They’re back again. This time with a work in Lisbon. One of the most inventive and interesting of the street artists.


28 08 2011

Another one of these wonderful animations by BLU. For those who haven’t seen these before the animation is painted on walls, floors, ceiling, basically any surface. And filmed. As you can imagine it is tremendously time consuming. But usually charming and inventive.

BLU and David Ellis

23 08 2011

This is another one of these collages/animations in which the environment is the canvas. There must be a lot of preparation time involved in this. I’m wondering if they do all of this on paper first and then shoot it. You’d have to have some kind of script. What is so intesting is that they include the artists in the animation as well and yet your eyes are riveted to the story line.



22 08 2011

This is a video called Big Bang Big Boom. It is created by a group called BLU. Fabulous stuff. It is a combination of murals, animation, street art. Let’s call performance collage. Because that’s what we need, another category.