The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters Chapter Two: The Intruder

30 12 2009

The Property of Lee Harrison Peeters

Chapter Two: The Intruder

The stranger sits on a log. Eating. Rabbit on a spit over the fire.  The dog is curled up next to the stranger. The stranger offers more meat to the dog. The dog declines.

The stranger laughs. “Eaten enough, General?”

The sad sleepy eyes. Look up at the stranger.

“Hell of a country we’ve found ourselves in. Ain’t nothing like Virginia.”

The stranger ruffles the dogs ears. Picks up a metal cup. Sitting by the fire. The stranger pulls his fingers away. The cup is too hot. He grabs a rag nearby and picks up the cup. He sips on his coffee.

“Sure wouldn’t mind a biscuit, General. Nothing like home cooked food.”

The dog raises her head and bares her teeth. There is some noise from a nearby woods. The stranger grabs his musket. The dog rises up. The horses, tied up nearby winnie. They pull on their reigns. Out of the darkness of the woods a large black bear appears. Fearless, it walks towards the camp fire. The stranger stands up and lines up his sights on the bear. He pulls the trigger. Nothing happens.


The stranger reaches for his knife. The dog tears off towards the bear. The bear rises up on his hind legs. General circles the bear several times. Finally the bear falls back on all fours and retreats back into the woods. The dog returns to the stranger. The stranger kneels down and hugs the dog. The fire spits out sparks. That sizzle in the snow.