God’s Expectations

2 08 2015

God's Expectations

Frida Kohla

13 09 2013

This is how her life ended. She died and was to be cremated.

As the cries of her admirers filled the room, the sudden blast of heat from the open incinerator doors caused her body to bolt upright. Her hair, now on fire from the flames, blazed around her head like a halo. Frida’s lips seemed to break into a seductive grin just as the doors closed. Her last diary entry read: “I hope the end is joyful – and I hope never to return – Frida.”.

Her whole life was like that. She is known by her first name. Her notoriety stands on her unibrow as much as her volatile nature.

She was married to the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

She has had a movie made about her life.


Her paintings have been described as surrealist. But I think they borrow more from collages. With their clash of symbols and the decentralization of her canvass.

She must have been quite a woman.

Frida1 Frida2 Frida3 Frida4 Frida5 Frida6

Berni Stephanus

11 09 2013

Berni Stephanus is one fabulous artist. (http://www.stephanus.com/list_images.php?vars=id_) I say this because I love his work. (And so much of it reminds me of my own work.) His work is filled with that sense of urgency and energy (violence) you see in the best collage work. He started doing collage work in the late-sixties. I started about the same time. (I really got into it when I was unemployed and spent my days watching the Montreal Olympics.) A lot of his work has stories attached to them. And of course there is humour. Read his bio. He’s had an interesting journey.

stephanus1 stephanus2 stephanus3 stephanus4 stephanus5 stephanus6 stephanus7 stephanus8 Stephanus9 Stephanus10berni stephanus 2 berni stephanus 5 Berni Stephanus1 berni stephanus3 berni stephanus4 berni stephanus6

Philippe Deliere

5 09 2013

I borrow your pictures to create mine, trying to recycle advertising into some kind of beauty and add some sense to the non-sense.

This is Mr. Deliere’s artist’s statement. Short, concise. To the point. His work is more about story telling. And the work seems very aggressive. Always there is at least one figure addressing the viewer. And often enough it is aggressive. The pieces often seem like dream stories. Almost mythic. (I think I might be going over the line there.) But I like this Frenchman’s work.

deliere1 deliere2 deliere3 deliere4 deliere5

Marwane Pallas

31 08 2013

Artist of the absurd. Of pain. Regret. Stories of anxiety (how things could have turned out). Mystery. Marwane Pallas.

Marwane Pallas1 Marwane Pallas2 Marwane Pallas3 Marwane Pallas4 Marwane Pallas5 Marwane Pallas6 Marwane Pallas7

Susannia Lakner

29 08 2013

The work of Susannia Lakner is both playful and colourful. Of course some pieces work better than others. Sometimes when you see a smaller version of the work it is difficult to see  how the pieces work with each other. Almost invisible seamless pieces suddenly appear when blown up. Susannia does not try and hide her edges but works with them.

SusanniaLackner1 SusanniaLackner2 SusanniaLackner3

Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh

28 08 2013

I love portraits. Mr. Khajeh offers a very unique insight. His women look so strong. And independent.

Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh1 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh2 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh3 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh4 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh5 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh6