Andrew Sisters

12 12 2015

Adolf Hitler

6 07 2011

I don’t know what is so interesting about a meglomaniac and mass murderer. Perhaps some hint of his humanity. Because he was a human being. And there have been many, too many monsters like him in history. Some were not so infamous.

As a young man Hitler pursued the arts. Maybe in a different world Hitler would have become an artist. A second rate one no doubt. But then that takes in a lot of country. Most people in the arts are 2nd rate but that does not diminish their efforts. Or maybe he would have pursued some other avenue in the media. Fox News perhaps. Just kidding. I think. Maybe.

What was it that tipped the table for Hitler? I knew a fellow in high school who was not so different than Hitler. (I won’t mention his name. We’ll call him Paul. ) He was a serious young man. Had a way of reinterpreting events in history. There seemed to be some underlying anger inside him. Some unresolved quarrel with the world. (I have that myself). Paul was always in some political group. Mostly right wing. After collage Paul started several far right fanatical groups. And could be seen at a lot of neo-fascist meetings or demonstrations. I could never figure out Paul. He had never been disadvantaged. Was from an upper middle classed family. But there it was. Rage.

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Mircea Eliade – Monroe to Hitler

18 08 2010

What is the reason for archetypal figures? And are there so many that we cannot distinguish individuals from those types? Do we in fact know anyone except as some kind of generalization? He or she is this or that type of person. Are we incapable as human beings in seeing individuality? The idea is frightening. Do we know anyone, even our most loved ones, our mates, our children? Ourselves?