25 12 2014

What is art? Tough question. Especially when it involves commerce. And it has always involved commerce. Michelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel for nothing. No money, no art. Maybe. But art has been corrupted by too much money. Not that living artists are wealthy. But museums like Getty’s and the new museums in the middle east like Art Dubai have distorted an already bulbous market. And then there is pop culture in general. Rock, rap, fashion etc have created this image of elitist and very rich artists. Some are, some aren’t. Dylan is an artist. Jaggar is an artist but a bad one. And Tony Bennet is a singer. More and more we focus on personality and not the work. And of course, a lot of people (mostly galleries, record, and film producers) are making a lot of money. Its like the royal family in England. Visible but useless.

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Love in the gallery

25 08 2014

Love in the galleryI hate art galleries. They remind me of sex shops. You go in and all these various dildos are hanging from the wall. Its embarrassing. They should be hanging  in cafes, and living rooms, and salons. God, even a WC would be better.


by David Halliday

a bullet in the head

30 05 2013

the machine is timed to collapse. its number comes up. they say its a virus. how do I know. how do i know they didn’t put a virus in the machine. with a timer. to go off in 9 to 12 months. i’m feeling paranoid. maybe there’s a virus in me. i’m glad our gun laws in canada are strict. otherwise i’d put a bullet in the head of the machine. and then empty another in mine.


Jon McNaughton

2 09 2012

It wouldn’t be fair to any artist to judge his work by the walls that hang his art.

His artwork depicts strong Caucasian Christian morals. His themes center on God, faith, trust, our founding fathers, church history, our current corrupt and illegal President, and Godly nature.

We’ll let the racist expression ‘Caucasian Christian’ go by the wayside. And if you watch the video that McNaughton created, he talks about the persecution of Christians in the world today. (Not I think in the Bible Belt of the United States.) Artists say some stupid things. Perhaps McNaughton has used up his quota. But then none of us knows how long we have on this earth.

I placed some other paintings done of Judgment Day which puts Mr. McNaughton’s paintings in some very rich company. Although I will say the prints of Michelangelo are quite a bit cheaper. Of course Michelangelo no longer gets a cut of the profits. And I don’t see Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln in the Sistine Chapel. Nor are there any American flags. Of course the republic wasn’t around when these paintings were done, but would the Catholic Church see McNaughton’s paintings as a parody of these originals? Is he making fun of Jesus?

One thing I have noticed about McNaughton’s work is that the faces of famous people look remarkably like pictures I’ve seen before. Photographs. Nothing wrong with that. Although you might want to make the characters different heights. Perhaps we should call the paintings ‘collages’.

Another thing. It looks like the picture of Abraham Lincoln, Washington etc. are stamps. Like matching heads to bodies. Did he photoshop them? Also nothing wrong with that? But its good to see that all the fathers of the American Republic are in such good shape. Our young people could take a lesson from that when they’re munching down those Mac fries.

One thing more. If you’re going to spell your name Jon, it is pronounced, ‘Yawn’.

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Nancy Scheinman

31 07 2012

Nancy Scheinman‘s work is beautiful. Each piece looks deeply layered. Images and accident lay side by side. There are many subtle suggestions. One could quite imagine these works being much sought after. I love her use of relief and her palette. (God, I’m getting to sound like Joan Rivers.)

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When you go to her sight and you look at her galleries, it begins to look like a production line. Each piece is constructed in the same manner. The artist would almost be better off letting you look at a handful of her work and leaving the rest in the closet to be let out after she has sold those public pieces. Her work is expensive. That in itself should have no bearing on the work. But I do get the impression that she is part of the market in art. Something about which I know nothing.

The Shock of the New 08: The Future That Was

21 06 2012

So many of my ideas, my reactions to the art world appear in this program. I almost remember seeing this many years ago. I feel like I was used. As a blank tape I seemed to have recorded so much. Which makes me wonder about any so called original ideas I thought I had. I love the program. Like I love my own thoughts. Agreeing with ideas is a form of vanity. This is a long program, almost an hour. But its a great story.

giovanni girolamo savoldo – art scam

7 06 2012

giovanni girolamo savoldo

I was attracted to one image in particular. The Mary Magdalen. There are several versions on the net. I don’t know which one is the original or if there are versions. But the cloak she is wearing is spectacular. Almost looking like armor. And in several different hues it looks like a different painting.

And its up for sale. Prints. But who has the right to these prints. Certainly Giovanni won’t receive any money. So others are living off his talent. Who owns those images? Might I suggest, no one. And anyone who photographs them does not own them. If they put their photographs up for sale they should be free. Plus the cost of actually printing them. In fact most of the souvenirs in Europe should be free. People sell these prints as if they created them. And the gallery will not allow you to take pictures of the originals. What a scam.

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F is for Fake

2 06 2012

I love Orson Welles. This little film is so much fun.


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Peter L. Johnson

22 05 2012

I’m not too sure about Mr. Johnson. Certainly his images of the pollution of the Mississippi River and other rivers in his country must be shocking. But to immerse yourself in the water and take a chance of health problems, seems somewhat radical. And will it change anything?

The other question. When does social consciousness leave the realm of art? There is a difference between the pamphlet and the short story. Between the movie and propaganda.

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The movie Cabaret captured that sense of propaganda.


Peter Kennard

20 05 2012

Kennard’s work is very political. The pieces have an unsettled quick to dry appeal. It is as if one was hastily trying to get the message out into the world before we blew ourselves up. I also find the pieces rather dated. Not just because of their political references but because it reflects the hectic and turbulent 70s and 80s.

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