Thoughts on a Stormy Night

16 03 2016

Thoughts on a Stormy Night

new book of poetry. fast. furious. seven. or eight. negen.

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God’s Expectations

2 08 2015

God's Expectations

Flowers 4

24 07 2015

flowers150-300jpg13 flowers150-300jpg14 flowers150-300jpg15 flowers150-300jpg16This is the last time I used the flower motif. Less people plant flowers these days. With two people working its difficult to garden. I’ve also noticed less butterflies, bees, and grasshoppers. I remembered when you had to pick the bugs out of your teeth after a quick spin on the bike. Ah, those were the days.

why do we worship the flag…

13 07 2015

Why do we worship the flagby David Halliday


a rant

Calendar Girls 2

9 07 2015

Why is the male so visually stimulated by any image of a woman or suggestion of an image? There are graphic images of penises scratched on walls dating back before the Roman Empire. (Why they are phallic images is another question.) You can see these same crude images on bathroom walls in gas stations, and bank towers. The male brain always seems to be in a state of readiness. The rest of his body, not so much.

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the bed

30 06 2015

the bedby David Halliday

We shall tear down this country and return it to its glorious past…

7 06 2015

we shall tear down this country and return it to its glorious pastby David Halliday


Prime Minister Harper really wants to be President of the U.S.A.  Ted Cruz (the other Canadian) has staked out that claim so Mr. Harper has worked very hard at turning Canada into the U.S.A.

Rommel in Egypt

5 06 2015

Rommel in Egyptby David Halliday


In a universe where nothing has meaning, the laughing never stops.

Meet the girls at Fox News

19 05 2015

Meet the girls at Fox Newsby David Halliday


Like their male colleagues the women on Fox News lean heavily on mimicry, formalized outrage, and they never let facts get in the way of an opinion. And they practice what Humphrey Bogart called professional nationalism. The only difference is that the women wear dresses. On air anyway.


Lost in a thought

19 05 2015

Lost in a David Halliday


Our brains operate almost independently of our will. Thoughts come into our head like subway cars on the wrong lines.