David Halliday

22 06 2012

Summer reading. Why not read about winter. I have just released the second part of my series of detective stories. The first was called The Hole and was based on real events. And some unreal events. The new ebook is called Snow. Its about a bank robbery. Here’s the short blurb for the book.

Death arrives in many ways. Sometimes through greed. Like bank robbers. It was snowing. They should have known better. It looked like Christmas.

There is a longer blurb.

There was a white van. Inside were four bank robbers. Next door to the bank was a restaurant. A pregnant woman worked in the restaurant. She was the wife of a detective. Outside the window she could see the snow continuing to fall. There were two thugs. Who had been engaged to collect a debt. From one of the bank robbers. The two thugs were being watched by two detectives. There was a loving couple. Who worked together for the gas company. Who were working on the weekend. In the middle of the snowstorm. In a hole across the street from the bank. The gas line they were working on went directly to the basement of the restaurant. The bank robbers were anxious. The thugs were nervous. The detectives were bored. In the restaurant the waitress and the cook were cleaning up. The snow kept falling. Boom.

There is a third book in the trilogy. Or so I thought. But it is breaking down in my head as we speak. The third part may be three parts.

The books are free. And if it is very successful, I may start to charge. So get it now.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

26 11 2011

I loved Charles Dickens as a young writer. The most unsatisfactory book I read of his was his last. Written. Never finished. So I took the title of his book and attached it to my own. The stories were changed to protect…

Edwin Drood dies. But why? His girlfriend never understood him. Though she feared for her life at times. His enemies were numerous. But would they kill one of their best dealers. Did he cheat someone in a drug deal? Or was it something else. About the world. About himself.

I lived this short novel. Almost. I wasn’t a drug dealer but everything else fit. Except the ending.

This is a free download. So its cheap. But still a good read. On your short journey to work.


Kitty Litter in the Sky

29 10 2011

The Fred and Me stories started off as a conversation between a philosophy student and a compost. The compost was a god. And the questions would have been philosophic in nature. Than a friend of mine had disaster hit him. His wife was having an affair with the kid who took her groceries out to her car. (That became part of the story.) Now the philosophy student had bigger problems than what is the meaning of life? His wife wanted a divorce. And then Fred stepped in. Fred was their cat. He could talk. Not just suddenly. Always could. But when the philosophy student stopped taking his medication for bi-polarism, the cat, Fred, decided he had to get something off his chest. And so started the series (4 inall) of short novels called Fred and Me.

I called the stories ‘animation fiction’. Like Magic Realism. Everything was alive. And anything was possible.  The stories fit into the category of ‘madcap adventures’. They are free. And worth every penny. You can download them at

Fred and Me Episode 1

Somewhere in the 1970s

13 10 2011

No one was going to tell them what life was about. Or tell them how to party. They were free. And arrogant. And young. It was the 1970s and everyone was lost.

Somewhere in the 1970s.


The Death Of Lou Grant

25 09 2011

The Death of Lou Grant is a 2012 Epic Award Finalist in horror fiction.

You can download this ebook for FREE at

the Death of Lou Grant



The Hole

24 09 2011

Detective Sam Kelly is in the last days of a long career. His final assignment is to investigate Joe Mackenzie’s complaint that neighbours are dumping garbage down his well. Kelly soon discovers that many locals have vanished over the years. In every case the disappearances lead back to the mysterious hole in Mackenzie’s backyard.



2 09 2011

I call the sight i AM a BOOK. Its a list of all my books. Some are free. Some just seem that way.

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