23 07 2016


Another piece from my upcoming (if i ever get off my ass and finish) graphic like novel called “Property”.


18 07 2016


a piece from a new novel I’ve been working on called “Property”.


The God of Six Points

5 01 2016

An old man thinks he is a god. And than he has murdered one of his subjects. In the western suburbs of Toronto, a small junction called the Six Points, an old man has prowled through the streets forever. No one can remember when he hasn’t been there. No one can remember him ever being young. He knows everyone and everything about them. He believes he is their god.

For a short excerpt.

And there is a brief video.

The Box by Matthew Chambers

28 09 2015

I met Matthew Chambers in a cafe in a small village of Hamme, Belgium. We talked on several occasions and always I had the impression that he was a man who was being pursued. I knew not by whom. And then one day he was not at the cafe at our accustomed time. Weeks passed. No Matthew. And then one morning this manuscript appeared on my door step.

Have a read.

The Death of Lou Grant

26 02 2015

Death of Lou GrantThis book grew out of a much larger book about television and murder. I was writing about fantasies, the fantasies we have both about the lives of media stars and the lives of criminals. The Mary Tyler Moore Show became the background story for a man who is having a heart attack and is having his life flash before him. Except it isn’t his life, it is the life of Lou Grant, one of the fictional characters on the MTM Show.

I was trying to remember what I saw so absorbing about this kind of story. And I think it goes back to my reading of Plato’s ‘cave’ and Marshal McLuhan. We think we live in a world that exists in reality. But that reality is a creation of our species. Shadows on the wall. So what is real? That is the eye in the potato.

The Death of Lou Grant.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

12 09 2013

Edwin Drood dies. But why? His girlfriend never understood him. Though she feared for her life at times. His enemies were numerous. But would they kill one of their best dealers. Did he cheat someone in a drug deal? Or was it something else. About the world. About himself.

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The Mystery of Edwin Drood

SMALLMystery of Edwin Drood

David Halliday

22 06 2012

Summer reading. Why not read about winter. I have just released the second part of my series of detective stories. The first was called The Hole and was based on real events. And some unreal events. The new ebook is called Snow. Its about a bank robbery. Here’s the short blurb for the book.

Death arrives in many ways. Sometimes through greed. Like bank robbers. It was snowing. They should have known better. It looked like Christmas.

There is a longer blurb.

There was a white van. Inside were four bank robbers. Next door to the bank was a restaurant. A pregnant woman worked in the restaurant. She was the wife of a detective. Outside the window she could see the snow continuing to fall. There were two thugs. Who had been engaged to collect a debt. From one of the bank robbers. The two thugs were being watched by two detectives. There was a loving couple. Who worked together for the gas company. Who were working on the weekend. In the middle of the snowstorm. In a hole across the street from the bank. The gas line they were working on went directly to the basement of the restaurant. The bank robbers were anxious. The thugs were nervous. The detectives were bored. In the restaurant the waitress and the cook were cleaning up. The snow kept falling. Boom.

There is a third book in the trilogy. Or so I thought. But it is breaking down in my head as we speak. The third part may be three parts.

The books are free. And if it is very successful, I may start to charge. So get it now.