Jean-Michel Basquiat

21 12 2015

Jean-Michel Basquiat. The more I look at his work, the more I like it. More than that. I love it.

The Fabulous Diana Ross

16 09 2015

The Fabulous Diana Ross

Aubrey Beardsley

18 06 2015

Beardsley was very big in the 60s and 70s. There were posters all over walls in every student residence. There was something feminine and druggy about his work. It seemed decadent and vulgar. It seemed to me that he had become the artist of the ‘pseudo-intellectuals’. Since then he has almost disappeared from the popular scene. (Or maybe I’m just that far out of it myself.)

Aubrey Beardsley was born on August 21, 1872 in Brighton, Sussex, England. With only minimal art training, Beardsley was commissioned to illustrate an edition of Malory’s Le Morte Darthur. His highly erotic illustrations for Oscar Wilde’s Salomé won him notoriety but lead to a loss of work after the Wilde scandal. Beardsley, who had contracted tuberculosis at age 6, died in 1898 at age 25.


6 04 2015

BONA TIBERTELLI DE PISIS. 1926 – 2000. (Bona de Mandiargues) I hope I’m not talking about 2 artists. (Chalk it up to stupidity.) I was in Paris in the early 1970s which would have been this artist’s prime. Perhaps she walked by me in a book store. Or slapped my face in a cafe. Who knows how close we come to meeting each other in this world.

Richard Avedon

2 03 2015

Not only has Richard Avedon photographed many famous people. But he has also taken some very odd pictures. All wonderful. A lot of fun and joy in his pics.

The Death of Lou Grant

26 02 2015

Death of Lou GrantThis book grew out of a much larger book about television and murder. I was writing about fantasies, the fantasies we have both about the lives of media stars and the lives of criminals. The Mary Tyler Moore Show became the background story for a man who is having a heart attack and is having his life flash before him. Except it isn’t his life, it is the life of Lou Grant, one of the fictional characters on the MTM Show.

I was trying to remember what I saw so absorbing about this kind of story. And I think it goes back to my reading of Plato’s ‘cave’ and Marshal McLuhan. We think we live in a world that exists in reality. But that reality is a creation of our species. Shadows on the wall. So what is real? That is the eye in the potato.

The Death of Lou Grant.

lisa yuskavage

31 01 2015

Between 1984 and 1990, Yuskavage painted women that she later characterized as demure in nature.[5] At the suggestion of her husband, the artist Matvey Levenstein, Yuskavage began to imagine herself as the subject of her paintings, which allowed her to change her perspective and to assume a new character in her work.[5] Her new style often features the nude female form as voluptuous and with exaggerated curves.[6] These nudes have been compared to both classic pin-ups and soft pornography.[7] The role of voyeurism is also key to the artist’s work.[8] Yuskavage has previously cited the actor Dennis Hopper’s character, Frank Booth, in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (film), as her inspiration for the source of the male gaze in her artworks

I find her work fascinating but am not sure I get it. Is she exploring female forms, male fantasies, or the cinema.

lisa yuskavage2010-06-18-cliff lisa yuskavage2010-06-18-facial2 lisa yuskavage26678 lisa yuskavageDayFive_52 lisa yuskavageimages lisa yuskavageimg_resize.php lisa yuskavagetumblr_lxo0sipk8P1qbbqyoo1_500 lisa yuskavageYuskavageLisa3344 lisa_yuskavage_untitled_d5351640h lisa_yuskavage7 Lisa-Yuskavage-David-Zwirner-AM-20Cover for HomicideSMALLHomicide



Claes Oldenburg

31 03 2014

You can’t help but smile, maybe laugh, when you see Oldenburg’s work. There is the ‘how dare he’ reaction. Or ‘is it art’ question. I myself have no idea how to react. Except that as you drive almost anywhere in North America (and perhaps elsewhere) you see these giant versions of smaller objects. Outside Detroit, on the way west, there is a giant tire. Outside Leamington Ontario, there is I believe a giant tomato. If you travel north of Toronto towards Huntsville, there is a giant Adirondack chair.

Is it all art? Or is it just Oldenburg’s work? Hardly seems fair.

Claes Oldenburg1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Claes Oldenburg3 Claes Oldenburg4 Claes Oldenburg5 Claes Oldenburg6 Claes Oldenburg7 Claes Oldenburg8

Carel Weight

7 01 2014

The wind is blowing. People are rushing off. Something has happened. What fabulous stories. Carel Weight.

Carel Weight1 AC 1549 001 Carel Weight3 (c) Bridgeman; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation Carel Weight5 Carel Weight6 Carel Weight7 Clapham Junction 1978 by Carel Weight 1908-1997 Carel Weight9

Michael Cline

19 11 2013

His work reminds one of Grosz and Bosch. His character, almost comic in presentation, seemed wasted and floundering in a world of corruption.

michael_cline_4 michael_cline1 Michael_Cline2 Michael-Cline5Michael Cline3 michael cline6 Michael cline7 Michael Cline8