Victor Genova in the early days at Yorkville Studios

27 10 2016


lisa yuskavage

31 01 2015

Between 1984 and 1990, Yuskavage painted women that she later characterized as demure in nature.[5] At the suggestion of her husband, the artist Matvey Levenstein, Yuskavage began to imagine herself as the subject of her paintings, which allowed her to change her perspective and to assume a new character in her work.[5] Her new style often features the nude female form as voluptuous and with exaggerated curves.[6] These nudes have been compared to both classic pin-ups and soft pornography.[7] The role of voyeurism is also key to the artist’s work.[8] Yuskavage has previously cited the actor Dennis Hopper’s character, Frank Booth, in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (film), as her inspiration for the source of the male gaze in her artworks

I find her work fascinating but am not sure I get it. Is she exploring female forms, male fantasies, or the cinema.

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the living room

18 11 2014

the living roomby David Halliday

Good times with Nancy Grace…

12 11 2014

Good times with Nancy Graceby David Halliday

Friday night television 1958

27 08 2014

Friday night television 1958by David Halliday

Welcome to the Fords

11 08 2014

welcome to the fordsv2

Toronto is a reality show


by David Halliday

I told you, I’m over him

22 02 2014

I told you, I'm over David Halliday

One of the more important parts of my work and most collagists that I’ve seen is the ‘title’. A lot of times it is whimsical. Some times a line from a song I happen to be listening to at that time. Or, as is the case in this point, it comes right out of the collage.