Billie Holiday v3

24 10 2015

Ella Fitzgerald v2

24 10 2015

Ethel Waters v2

19 10 2015

Betty Hutton V2

19 10 2015

Savannah Churchill V2

19 10 2015

down so goddam long that it looks like up to me…

14 01 2015

down so goddam long... it looks like up to me.. down so goddam long... it looks like up to me.v2by David Halliday

from a Door’s Album

If you want to be happy…

7 11 2014

if you want to be happyby David Halliday


I should be miserable

she’s the one…

5 11 2014

she's the one I've been singing about for years, places far and places near

Dancing with tears in my eyes

17 10 2014

Dancing with tears in my eyesThe wife of a close friend of Leadbelly had a nervous breakdown. She was comatose, would not react to anything. So Leadbelly belly wrote a song for her called, Dancing with tears in my eyes. It brought her back to the world.


by David Halliday.


Gone fishing

2 04 2014

gone fishingThere is a Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby song that I love. Its called ‘gone fishing’.