a delicate balance

23 10 2016


Abraham Hadad

20 01 2016

Abraham Hadad

Nigel Tomm

15 12 2015

Nigel Tomm’s work

The Box

3 12 2015

The Box is available at Smashwords

reclining nude 3

19 09 2015

reclining nude 3

Nikolay Reznichenko

25 07 2015

Look at the stories. And the interesting way he tells them. There is a dance passing through each piece. Nikolay Reznichenko

Nikolay Reznichenko was born in Saratov region of Russia, in 1958.
From 1982 Nikolay had lived in Karelia (Russia), where he taught painting and graphics. It was in Karelia, in 1986, where his first exhibition took place. Its success determined the future success of his works in many other exhibitions.

That same year he moved to St Petersburg. From 1989 Nikolay Reznichenko was a member of Free Arts Association where he permanently participates in all exhibitions. To a considerable extent his art was influenced by the Russian Orthodox tradition of icon painting; he has direct experience in working with icons and restoring them.

Carmen Sorrenti

14 06 2015

Probably a little sentimental for my usual tastes, still I love the colours.

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