She should be arrested.

31 03 2013

When me and my friends (teenage boys) first saw Shirley Bassey perform Goldfinger, we were shocked. How could someone be so sexy. And get away with it.

This is a woman who still makes things move.

Claudio Di Carlo

26 09 2012

Its all men think about. Apparently this is true for Claudio Di Carlo. Young women with long legs. Or just the legs. I keep looking for stories in his work. Something that gives those legs some apparent reason for being there. Outside of changing clothes I can’t find one. Of course you can’t go wrong with putting a picture of a pretty girl in. Right? What bothers me somewhat is that everyone looks like they’re going to a party or coming back from one. Doesn’t anyone every do laundry?

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Highway to Hell- Claudio Di Carlo from aluises on Vimeo.

Rowan Atkinson

9 07 2012

Went out to dinner this evening. A quiet affair. With my sister and brother-in-law. And my bride. There was an odd man sitting in the corner at a table. By himself. He looked alien.


17 03 2012

I like cats. I know that dogs are man’s best friend. But I find these animals disturbing. They seem to be coming for you.

The Eye of H

24 08 2011

Wouldn’t you know it. Mildred ran into that woman. The Johnson. Invited us over for the evening. When we got to the door nothing had changed. Jeb was just as difficult. And old Mary. Well, age hadn’t made her any prettier. So they poured us what they called tea. Not a drop of liquor in the place. And they brought out the album. To look at old times. Spend near half an hour looking at it til we realized that we were no where to be found.

Catch it at i AM a GALLERY

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I’m falling

21 06 2011

I’m falling. Kids came home for Father’s Day. They must be getting sick of these days. We have about half a dozen birthdays and mother’s and father’s day, wedding anniversaries. I’m falling. Almost every weekend we’re getting together for something. That’s about buying stuff. And eating stuff. I never miss an opportunity to have my kids around me. But I’m not in my 20s. I’m falling. When you wanted to get on with life. With living. I know that’s what they want. I don’t want to get on with anything. I’m falling.



10 01 2011

At the moment I felt myself coming down with flu symptoms (shaking with cold) my computer crashed. It felt like there was some sort of relationship. I hate this kind of stuff. This coincidence. It makes  you read things into reality that don’t exist. Why do I know this is true?

tiny little tumor

3 01 2011

I have a tiny little tumor in my brain. Its benign. Meaning its a Canadian. (Lacks ambition). I just hope it doesn’t apply for a green card and run for govnor of Californee.

my best girl

28 12 2010

going to Starbucks this morning with my girlfriend. hope the wife doesn’t find out. ooops. she is my wife. another wonderful senior moment

Getting older isn’t for sissies

21 12 2010

As you get older, you become more absorbed in yourself. You have to. Parts of your body start showing rust. Start to breakdown. I’m finding myself becoming increasingly paranoid. About my health. Its boring and useless. But its hard to stop falling to the ground, when your knee gives out on you. Of course its fine if you’re in church. I think it was Bette Davis who said that getting older isn’t for sissies.