Hans Bellmer 1902-1975

22 08 2017

the accordion player

29 06 2017

the accordion player

Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew

30 04 2016

Penny Slinger

24 01 2016

Rashad Alakbarov

16 10 2015

Rashad Alakbarov5

Rashad Alakbarov4

Rashad Alakbarov3

Rashad Alakbarov2

Rashad Alakbarov1

Evan Penny

3 09 2015

Evan Penny was born in South Africa in 1953. He currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. In 1978 Penny graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design and received a post-graduate degree in sculpture.

Evan Penny makes sculptures of human forms out of silicone, pigment, hair and aluminium. His pieces range from the almost precisely lifelike, to the blurred or stretched. Penny says one of his interests “is to situate the sculptures perceptually between the way we might see each other in real time and space and the way we imagine our equivalent in a photographic representation.”[1] Though his creations are lifelike, Penny believes that “the real can’t be represented or symbolized,”[2] leaving everything to be a representation.

Louise Riley

27 08 2015

Louise Riley embroiders human figures using a mattress as a canvas.  Usually in repose, these figures create an intimate experience for the viewer. Riley’s work demonstrates a fine attention to detail and color shading, rendering vulnerable and realistic characters out of linear and geometric forms. Part of her practice includes that of altering the flat shape of the mattress, creating rolls and curves in her mattress-canvas, or cutting shapes into or on the mattress.