Peter Gric

23 05 2016

Marco Polo 1

7 07 2015

I don’t know why I gathered these images under the name Marco Polo. I know we studied him a lot when I was a kid. The spice routes. His different journeys. It was such a great adventure and excited all of Europe when his book was published. For me, it was like science fiction before I’d read Asimov, seen Star Wars, been introduced to Mr. Spock.

MarcoPolo500-150jpg5 MarcoPolo500-150jpg6 MarcoPolo500-150jpg7

Ricardo Salamanca

14 06 2015

Ricardo Salamanca work ranges from the comic to the macabre. He is a funny man. And his work has detail and polish. I like it.

When world’s explode…

24 05 2015

When Worlds Explodeby David Halliday

Peter Gric

24 05 2015

Peter Gric. A post-apocalyptic world. Dominated by rocks. And giganticism. In which the human figures look like insect remains. The only survivors. There are stories in these paintings. Waiting to be told.

Shusei Nagaoka

4 04 2015

Japanese illustrator Shusei Nagaoka is best known for his music album cover art in the 1970s and 80s which included Electric Light Orchestra, Earth, Wind & Fire, Deep Purple, Space, Maze, George Clinton, Kitaro, Rose Royce, Caldera, and Pure Prairie League.

So much of this work reminds me of Renaissance paintings of heaven, angels included. Of course the new god is technology.



David V Palumbo

19 03 2015

I’ve always held a fascination with narrative images.  Discovering and interpreting stories and information through pictures is a way to bypass the constraints of language and communicate on a more direct level.  An idea expressed as an image becomes adaptable to every person. 


Frank Kelly Freas

27 12 2014

The artists that populate the world of pulp fiction and comics must be surprised by their elevation as artists. I say ‘must’ because I’m sure when they began, no one thought of their work as art, only as skilled tradesmen and honest unpretentious workmen.

Born in Hornell, New York, Freas (pronounced like “freeze”) was the son of two photographers, and was raised in Canada.[4] He was educated at Lafayette High School in Buffalo, where he received training from long-time art teacher Elizabeth Weiffenbach. He entered the United States Army Air Forces right out of high school (Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada). He flew as camera man for reconnaissance in the South Pacific and painted bomber noses during World War II. He then worked for Curtis-Wright for a brief period, then went to study at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and began to work in advertising. He married Pauline (Polly) Bussard in 1952; they had two children, Jacqui and Jerry. Polly died of cancer in January 1987. In 1988 he married (and is survived by) Dr. Laura Brodian.

Frank Kelly Frank Kelly Freasfreas_spock2 Frank Kelly Freasfreas-big-front-yard Frank Kelly FreasFreasIsis Frank Kelly FreasKelly-Freas Frank Kelly Freasmadb012 Frank Kelly Freasmusic-queen-news-of-the-world FrankKellyFreas_RhapsodyInBlack__100 Frank-Kelly-Freas-Sci-Fi-artwork-from-1953


jakub rozalski

26 10 2014

Hamburg-based Jakub Rozalski is a talented artist, using digital design software for composing digital paintings. Playing to perfection on the perspectives and concepts of proportion, a selection of these science-fiction style works is to be discovered in the article.

They are fascinating. Using paintings as part of collages has been around a long time but in Rozalski’s work the collage becomes a new painting, giving the work a bizarre sci-fi look.

Jakub-Rozalski-2 jakub-rozalski-1920-supply1 Jakub-Różalski-toxic-pools Jakub-Różalski-twoaxes-warrior jakub-rozalski-workworkwork-recovered1-20new1-small Jakup Rozalski1 Jakup Rozalski2 Jakup Rozalski3 Jakup Rozalski4 Jakup Rozalski5 Jakup Rozalski6

Arnau Alemany

29 09 2014

Odd when you read about artist who was born in the same year as yourself. Such is Arnau Alemany. His work has this odd appeal. It is very organic. As if urban rural life were one and the same. And dated. Something in the late 19th century. And naive. Not in its conception but its themes. Pastoral in quality the cities have none of the ugliness of most cities. Everything is tidy. Controlled. In sync. But where are the people?

Arnau1 Arnau2 Arnau3 Arnau4 Arnau5