We shall tear down this country and return it to its glorious past…

7 06 2015

we shall tear down this country and return it to its glorious pastby David Halliday


Prime Minister Harper really wants to be President of the U.S.A.  Ted Cruz (the other Canadian) has staked out that claim so Mr. Harper has worked very hard at turning Canada into the U.S.A.

Meet the girls at Fox News

19 05 2015

Meet the girls at Fox Newsby David Halliday


Like their male colleagues the women on Fox News lean heavily on mimicry, formalized outrage, and they never let facts get in the way of an opinion. And they practice what Humphrey Bogart called professional nationalism. The only difference is that the women wear dresses. On air anyway.


Terrorism on tour…

30 01 2015

Terrorism on Tourby David Halliday


Isis has taken advantage of our television/internet networks move to make NEWS entertainment. Its not the coverage of the event that bothers me as it is the constant yammering on CNN, FOX, etc. They treat everything like a football highlight.




25 12 2014

What is art? Tough question. Especially when it involves commerce. And it has always involved commerce. Michelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel for nothing. No money, no art. Maybe. But art has been corrupted by too much money. Not that living artists are wealthy. But museums like Getty’s and the new museums in the middle east like Art Dubai have distorted an already bulbous market. And then there is pop culture in general. Rock, rap, fashion etc have created this image of elitist and very rich artists. Some are, some aren’t. Dylan is an artist. Jaggar is an artist but a bad one. And Tony Bennet is a singer. More and more we focus on personality and not the work. And of course, a lot of people (mostly galleries, record, and film producers) are making a lot of money. Its like the royal family in England. Visible but useless.

POPART1cottoncandykatyweb-e1351320654871-1 Lady Gaga Artpop album cover by Jeff Koons POPART3katy-perry-prism POPARTRihanna-snake-gq

Han van Meegeren

21 12 2014

HvanMeegeren1 HvanMeegeren2 HvanMeegeren3 HvanMeegeren4 HvanMeegeren5 HvanMeegeren6 HvanMeegeren7This is a beautiful painting. A young woman playing a musical instrument. She is saying, ‘the art world is shit!’ Money and oil do not mix. In the 17th century. Nor in the 21st century. This painting is not a Vermeer. It is a van Meegeren. It is a fake. Or at least the signature on the painting at the bottom. Those who focus on the painting’s qualities, love it. Those who focus on money, want it destroyed. The art world today is filled with fakers. Not the artists. But too many of those who write about art, who display art, who spends vast fortunes to acquire art. They are the forgers.

a bullet in the head

30 05 2013

the machine is timed to collapse. its number comes up. they say its a virus. how do I know. how do i know they didn’t put a virus in the machine. with a timer. to go off in 9 to 12 months. i’m feeling paranoid. maybe there’s a virus in me. i’m glad our gun laws in canada are strict. otherwise i’d put a bullet in the head of the machine. and then empty another in mine.