Gottfried Heinwein

20 01 2014

This is ‘pay attention’ work. The works are large. Many of children in distress. Thematic and dramatic.

Gottfried Heinwein1 Gottfried Heinwein2 Gottfried Heinwein3 Gottfried Heinwein6 Gottfried Heinwein7 gottfried_helnwein_5 gottfried_helnwein9 gottfried-helnweinGottfried Heinwein4

Marnie Weber

7 12 2013

Marnie Weber.

This artist certainly has a broad paint brush. Her work is fanciful, immersed in the fanciful nightmares of early childhood. I am not sure where it is headed. Perhaps she will come up with some more surprises in her next work.

Rétrospective Marnie Weber au Magasin (Grenoble) by sloggysa

Marnie Webber1 Marnie Webber2 Marnie Webber3 marnie weber 003 marnie weber 6 Marnie_Weber_1203177411_1 marnie_weber4

Cecelia Webber

9 11 2013

Too much digital art is patterns. The colours and patterns are exciting to see. At first glance. But like Persian rugs, they fade. Ms. Webber’s use of nude bodies to create the illusion of flowers is quite stunning. The colours are brilliant and when one looks into the deals one feels as if one is in the presence of a fragile soul. But. Do they fade?

Remind me of the musicals in the ’30s.


cecelia-webber1 cecelia-webber2 cecelia-webber3 cecelia-webber4 cecelia-webber5 cecelia-webber6

Levi van Veluw

18 09 2013

There must be something in the Dutch blood. They create some of the most bizarre visual pieces you will see. You ask yourself ‘where did they come up with that idea?’. Levi van Veluw is such an artist.  You’ve got to love it.

Levi van Veluw – “Landscape video” (2008) from HILDA magazine on Vimeo.

Levi van Veluw1 Levi van Veluw2 Levi van Veluw3 Levi van Veluw4

Cherelle Sappleton

2 07 2013

A lot of fresh ideas. Humor. And generally hitting for the fences.

Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-01 Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-02 Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-03 Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-04 Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-05 Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-06 Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-07 Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-08 Cherelle_Sappleton_Collage-09

Nigel Tomm

2 06 2013

When I was about 13, a friend and I found a shopping bag filled with magazines of naked women. As you can imagine this was Valhalla for teenage boys. But all the magazines had been soaked in weeks of rain. As we opened the magazines, the pages peeled off like skin. The ink from one page ran off onto the picture on the opposite page. Very bizarre pictures were created. This is what crossed my mind when I ran across Nigel Tomm’s work. And it completely blew me away. The images are crumpled, almost disposable. And they are very powerful.

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Daniel Franke and Cedric Kiefer

31 03 2013

The process would be difficult to explain. If you are curious go to this sight.

This is  a dance routine. Done by sand.

Mark Landis

12 03 2013

He is a forger. Mimics. Fascinating story.

Mark Landis1 Mark Landis2 Mark Landis3 Mark Landis4 Mark Landis5 Mark landis6 Mark Landis7 Mark Landis8

12 02 2013

I found the visuals in this beguiling enough to reblog. The music is interesting but not as bizarre. Still a fun watch.

Rook Floro

28 01 2013

My sculpture/performance piece is inspired by Carl Jung’s psychological theory about the shadow. It concerns with the repressed ideas, weakness, and desires of oneself that the conscious mind refuses to acknowledge.

It represents my ‘shadow’ which involves my hidden desires to be different and become perfect in my own right. We always feel the pressure to be perfect by everything around us such as the media, social network, advertisement, friends, and family.

Its a pretty impressive piece of work. Not many sculptures affect me as this piece.

Rook Floro1 Rook Floro2 Rook Floro3 Rook Floro4