David Choe

20 11 2014

Angry young man. His work is right off the wall.

And then I heard this.

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Suhair Sibai

28 07 2012

Suhair Sibai. Her work is remarkable. Wonderful. I’m a little gaga over it. Reminds me of Klimt. And Kuris. There are story lines in her paintings. And then there is paint. And a sense of restoration. As if there was a remarkable work being excavated.

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Philip Glass

11 06 2012

I have heard so much about this opera though I have never seen it. The music is certainly interesting. And the title Einstein on the Beach is intriguing. My daughter Katie is very interested in music. (She is writing background sound effects for a heavy metal band CD). I think this is something she might find interesting.

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Director and designer Robert Wilson and composer Philip Glass, with choreographer Lucinda Childs, created the opera Einstein on the Beach in 1976. It has been hailed as one of the most revolutionary and visionary works of the late 20th century in the fields of music and theatre: “One of the truly pivotal artworks of our time,” “a masterpiece,” “an achievement for which the descriptor ’supreme’ does not seem the least excessive,” “among the most significant theatrical achievements of the entire post-World War II period.” – Stephen Eddins

This is an article on Einstein on the Beach