Growing Up

2 12 2017

Growing Up

cleaning the rink

Life in Guelph #45 Balsac’s

4 11 2017

Life in Guelph #45 Balsac_s

Victor Coleman Anderson (1882-1937)

6 02 2017

Jun Kumaori

25 11 2016

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Queen of Sweden at Paul McCartney’s apartment1967

5 11 2016


Peter Miller

29 12 2015


1 09 2015


Alexandr Starodubov

14 08 2015

I was born in Moscow in 1959. I live in Moscow. I use mixed media in my work: tempera, acrylic. Probably, my genes, for it was a matter of chance. I have been painting professionally since 1988 after the retirement from the Army. Before that I was an amateur artist.

Louis Vivin

13 05 2015

Vivin was self-taught and a representative of naïve painting. He showed great enthusiasm for painting as a child, but his career took him in a completely different direction: he worked as a postal clerk until 1922, pursuing his art only in his spare time.[2] Eventually, he was discovered by the German art critic Wilhelm Uhde (1874–1947), an association which helped him start exhibitions and build a reputation as a serious artist. When he worked in the postal service, his job was an inspector. Once he retired in the year of 1923, Louis Vivin finally took up the full-time part of being an artist.[3] His birthplace was in the city of Hadol, France. He moved to Paris, France in the year of 1889 where he lived with his wife in the district of Montparnasse.

There is something very calming about naive art. Like when I was a kid and we played with minature cars and trucks creating our own little worlds where nothing ever went wrong.

Franz Xavier Winterhalter

1 03 2015

Franz Xaver Winterhalter was a German painter and lithographer, known for his portraits of royalty in the mid-nineteenth century. His name has become associated with fashionable court portraiture.

These are the selfies of the 19th century. Vanity is not a modern invention.