I will come for your children

24 06 2017

I will come for your children

Jason de Caires Taylor

9 07 2015

We’ve all watched these bogus documentaries that purport to find the lost city of Atlantis. Cobblestone streets, walls, shops, all under water. But eroded or camouflaged enough so that you can quite be sure. Well this artist has decided to create his own world. Underwater. Like a lost history.

Anyone whose built an aquarium has done this.

Dianne Gall

21 03 2015

Dianne Gall. Her work has the look of cinema. Scenes from a story that is about to unravel in front of us. Except it doesn’t and we are left with that odd feeling of anticipation. And it is creepy.

Rebeca Saray

16 02 2015

The amazing thing about fashion photographers (or at least the ones that intrigue me) is their ability to tell stories. Sometimes mysteries. Sometimes comedies.  And they create colours and textures and images that are fascinating. Rebeca Saray must be a very successful photographer. Just look at her name.

Rebeca Saray004-stunning-portraits-rebeca-saray Rebeca Saray29_years_old____selfportrait_by_rebeca_saray600_400 Rebeca Saray75a40080f9acfd7ab6c7b49fd51b8fc4 Rebeca Saray0110326_myegoo_mg9461np_3_o-600x414 Rebeca Sarayfashion-photography-rebeca-saray-23 Rebeca Sarayimages Rebeca Saraymother_earth_by_dosis-d3f5nb3 Rebeca Saraymyegoo_6451660np_o Rebeca_Saray__A_Aguado_III_by_AnitaMdz Rebeca-Saray-Red-Desire

Bruno Dayan

11 12 2014

In his best work Bruno Dayan tells stories. Bizarre stories. Surreal. Some are eerie. Others mysterious. And very sensual. In the work that makes him money he shows half naked beautiful young women in soft focus. They are like pastoral paintings. Cows grazing. Sheep flocking. Streams gurgling. We don’t ask ourselves why these women have taken these contorted and cruel poses. But how much were they paid.

BDayan1 BDayan2 BDayan3 BDayan4 BDayan5 BDayan6


Giorgio de Chirico

5 12 2014

Almost on my knees. Weeping. Every time I see de Chirico’s work. There is too much loneliness. Emptiness. Almost more than is imaginable. More than can be prescribed by a god. Cruel. Like the torture of Prometheus. If God does not exist. Than the despair chokes your breath. If he does…

In the paintings of his metaphysical period, De Chirico developed a repertoire of motifs—empty arcades, towers, elongated shadows, mannequins, and trains among others—that he arranged to create “images of forlornness and emptiness” that paradoxically also convey a feeling of “power and freedom”.[15] According to Sanford Schwartz, De Chirico—whose father was a railroad engineer—painted images that suggest “the way you take in buildings and vistas from the perspective of a train window. His towers, walls, and plazas seem to flash by, and you are made to feel the power that comes from seeing things that way: you feel you know them more intimately than the people do who live with them day by day.”

G de Chirico1 G de Chirico2 G de Chirico3 G de Chirico4 G de Chirico5 G de Chirico6

henri rousseau

25 11 2014

The first time I saw Henri Rousseau’s work, I never recovered. It is a joy to visually walk through his work.

henri rousseau1 henri rousseau2 henri rousseau3 henri rousseau4 henri rousseau5 henri rousseau6 henri rousseau7 Henri Rousseau-366769 Henri Rousseau-767566 Henri_Rousseau_-_Il_sogno henri-rousseau-family-fishing-78741 henri-rousseau-landscape-with-bridge henri-rousseau-the-boat-in-the-storm-83377 henri-rousseau-the-representatives-of-foreign-powers-coming-to-greet-the-republic-as-a-sign-of-peace

body found in the east end…

12 11 2014

body found in the east endby David Halliday


2 10 2014

crossroadsVery few things are as mysterious


by David Halliday

I told you before…

28 09 2014

I told you beforeMystery and intrigue. Where does that come from? Is it an expansion of the boogy man stories. And what is the boogy man?


by David Halliday