29 08 2015

His work is big. Boisterous. Adventurous. The cartoon pieces are fun to look at. I’m not sure about their life line. Cartoon characters are interesting at a glance but their attraction rarely lasts long.


28 08 2015

Street art is always interesting because you walk around in it. Most of us have seen enough graffitti in our cities to realize that it is not always of high quality. Vhils work is a fine example of both portraiture and murals.

Joan Miro

8 08 2015

Joan Miro never called himself a surrealist. He experimented with surrealist techniques and had an interest in Dada but never aligned himself with any particular movement… Inspired by his Catalan roots, Miro’s landscapes make us feel the harsh contrasts of the Spanish landscapes. The painting reproduced above makes us feel the dry, almost desert-like land against the blue sky. A solitary rooster and a few scattered objects – cartwheel, stones, ladder taking our eyes up into infinity, floating clouds – all evoke the hot dry summer in an agricultural landscape. They remind me that working the land and earning a living from it is not necessarily a romanticized, pastoral idyll but more likely hard work in a difficult environment.

Super A (Stefan Thelen)

13 07 2015

This guy is for the boids. But oh mama they are big boids.

the majestic pigeon. An unlikely source of inspiration for such dominating murals, but at the hands of Dutch street artist Stefan Thelen aka Super A (previously) these ubiquitous urban dwellers are turned into something surprisingly beautiful. His latest piece at top was just completed for Mural Goes in Goes, Netherlands.





11 07 2015

Phlegm started keeping sketchbooks during his fine art degree 15 years ago to deal with the stuffiness of the course. After he graduated he felt that his art stagnated. Phlegm was inspired looking back at his sketchbooks; the relief of sketching to stomach his degree became his new work, which he enjoyed. He became a full-time comic illustrator, producing and selling comics from his home in Sheffield.

Phlegm’s name derives from classical medicine, where the body was thought to have four main fluids (or humours). If you had too much phlegm in the system it was thought to lead to apathy. Comics were a release for Phlegm and a way to enjoy art again. His name acknowledged that fact, plus it was unusual, fitting his comics.

I love street art. Especially when it is on the level of this work. Phelgm. An odd name. His work is odder.

This work was brought to my attention by another blogger. Well worth checking out.

Przemek Blejzyk aka Sainer

6 07 2015

Polish graffiti artist, Przemek Blejzyk (aka Sainer), as Aryz, is distinguished by his frescoes gigantism. Walls of several levels, areas in kilometers, height as weight does not scare him. Next to this delusions of grandeur, is expressed an exceptional graphic sensitive. Author of oil and acrylic canvasses, Sainer paints the mankind, from a faithful naturalism to the extremest surrealism. Colors, postures, expressions, each character testifies about the human diversity being physical, mental or cultural. An emotive and sincere art that we invite you to discover now.

Dan Bergeron

23 06 2015

In his Face of the City series, Toronto-based artist Dan Bergeron (aka Fauxreel) examines the identity of cities by juxtaposing the “abrasive charm found in the distressed surfaces of modern cities with the intimate familiarity of the prominent features of the human face”.

I love this guy’s work. But I don’t recognize any of the places he has worked on assuming these pieces are in Toronto. But then maybe he works on the east side of the Don River. (We don’t talk about those folks in Toronto) {I actually do know a few of these places but I don’t want my mom to find out.}

David Delamano

17 03 2015

This work is so damn beautiful. The black and white images works so well against almost all backgrounds. David Delamano

Conor Harrington

8 01 2015

I don’t understand the 18th century motif. (‘Motif’ makes my observation look more intelligent.) But the scale, detail, and energy in this work blows me away.

conor harrington1756705260_2dd3ba269a_o Art13 - The Final Leg conor harringtonConor4 conor harringtondsc_0143 conor harringtonInti_02_Muro Final Frontal_1000 Conor-Harrington-Dead-Meat-Exhibition-3

Download Murder


jurg schonenberger

26 08 2013

Like so many street artists, I can find very little about ‘Hurk’. Except h is work. Which is fine indeed.

jurg schonenberger1 jurg schonenberger2 jurg schonenberger3 jurg schonenberger4 jurg schonenberger5 jurg schonenberger6