Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes (1884-1974)

10 06 2017

Penny Slinger

24 01 2016

Malcolm Morley

19 11 2015

Malcolm Morley has gotten off the couch. A longtime champion of psychoanalysis, the 83-year-old British artist “finally got thrown out” by his therapist, he says. But that doesn’t mean the self-described “super-realist” painter has been relieved of that foundational psychoanalytic catch: He is still fixated on his childhood. “I have been able to, as one person put it, ‘make friends with your unconscious life,’” says Morley, who was quite famously a child of neglect with a disregard for the system. But a stint as a petty thief, and then one in prison, straightened him out — though naturally, it was painting that truly saved him.




Sara Barnes

23 10 2015

Faith Ringgold

8 10 2015

Louise Riley

27 08 2015

Louise Riley embroiders human figures using a mattress as a canvas.  Usually in repose, these figures create an intimate experience for the viewer. Riley’s work demonstrates a fine attention to detail and color shading, rendering vulnerable and realistic characters out of linear and geometric forms. Part of her practice includes that of altering the flat shape of the mattress, creating rolls and curves in her mattress-canvas, or cutting shapes into or on the mattress.

Michel Lamoller

22 07 2015

Layers upon layers…. I don’t know why these images are so interesting…

Gerrit Gerard Visser

21 07 2015

Come to the party…

Yulia Brodskaya

2 06 2015

Artist Yulia Brodskaya carefully cuts and folds colorful pieces of paper to create stunning portraits and pictures. The Moscow-born artist has mastered the art of quilling, which is the practice of creating illustrations by bending strips of paper rather using than toxic paints. Brodskaya makes meticulously crafted paper creations for clients around the globe, and she has also developed her own series of personal portraits.

Annika Dzerve

13 05 2015

There is the right amount of quirkiness to make Annika Dzerve an interesting artist.