2 09 2011

I call the sight i AM a BOOK. Its a list of all my books. Some are free. Some just seem that way.

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Only men should read

17 08 2011

I live with 3 women. Sometimes its like living with angels. At other times, its like Macbeth. And the witches. Oh there are things brewing. We have one washroom. In the middle of the winter you can see my footprints in the snow leading to some bushes deep in our back yard. Where unmentionable things happen. I gotta pee. And then they talk. In front of me. About things. Like I wasn’t there. But I have my revenge. In these stories. That only men should read. For sustenance. For support.

Read Women Gone Mad…. Part 1

Calendar Girls

13 08 2011

We measure our lives in years, months, days, seconds. Time does not move. All measurement is a memory. Some memories are true. April made up her own story. I was there. I know she’s telling the truth.

Is it true? Is it a fabrication? You decide. Check out this new book from David Halliday.

Calendar Girls


12 08 2011

A surreal comic novel (in the tradition of magic realism) about a young writer in the throes of a messy marital breakup and his subsequent drifting into madness. Plus his talking cat, Fred

FREE download Divorce and Kitty Litter

Bicycle Thieves

9 08 2011

It was the nineteen fifties. The suburbs. Septic tanks. Cape Cod houses. Row on row. New schools. Bullies. Mad boys. Black and white television. Aerials. Dogs running free. Pond hockey. Cigarettes. Teenage crushes. Bicycle Thieves. And death.

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Florin Ion Firimiţã

5 08 2011

This artist is like a small industry. He is writer, artist, musician. He’s had a movie made about his life. And I like his work. There are a lot of ideas in it. Visual ideas that are always fun. From the little I read, his writing seems to be filled with the same sensitivity. This is a man of great introspection.

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This is what Mr. Firimita had to say about his work:

I am interested in exploring universal themes through private questions. I am preoccupied with the issues of identity, love, death, loss, reality versus fiction, dreams and memories. Recently I have departed from strictly using personal memorabilia (family photos, letters between my parents, etc), and started to incorporate personal artifacts of people I have never met. I have been exploring the interplay between personal and universal by “adopting” other peoples’ lives, remembering their memories, dreaming their dreams.

His movie: The Art of Leaving.

‘Could we put it under Woody Allen?’

28 07 2011

The shopkeeper asked me, ‘where do I put this damn book?’

‘On the shelf,’ I responded cheekily.

He looked at me as if he could think of some place else he could put it.

I said as if apologizing, ‘under fiction.’

‘But its poetry,’ he said.

‘Well, okay. Under poetry.’ I reluctantly conceded. No one buys books in the poetry section. I was hoping to put it under Romance Novels.

And thats my problem. The title makes it sound like its a technical manual. Its supposed to be a satire on BBC television documentaries. So its about television. Except that it gets reviewed under movies. And movie reviewers object to its structure. Back and forth between story and commentary.

I shrug my shoulders.

‘Could we put it under Woody Allen?’

FREE download.  Making Movies.

‘The magic of film is recreated, taken apart, examined and lovingly satirized in an unusual work of fiction. David Halliday imagines a BBC documentary about ‘the well known Canadian film maker Samuel Bremmer’. We see moments of the films themselves; we hear the words of the actors, the designers and the commentary of the director, Samuel Bremmer. The illusion of film, and how it is created against a backdrop of money problems, personality clashes, jealousies, ambitions, love and vanity. Originally published by Press Porcepic.’