Let me dance… I mean sing…

25 02 2012

Two of my goals in life. Dreams really. Bucket List. Someone else’s. I wanted to be a professional boxer. Like Muhammed Ali. I could take a punch. And an opera singer. I am tone deaf. Of course I shall become neither of these. And age has nothing to do with it. Check out this market. Its one of my fantasies.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

9 12 2011

artboy68 is a blogger. He has decided to draw 100 portraits in 20 weeks. He did one of me and I think its pretty damn good. Except that I have no chin. Check out his sight at


Fabrice Wittner

30 11 2011
This is one artist’s reaction to a tragedy in his community. He speaks better than I about  his state of mind.
After the 6.3 quake occurred in Canterbury NZ, people were involved to help their neighbors, to rebuild houses, to clean the street or to make donations. I wanted to contribute by doing something too, giving what I was able to, some of my time and skills. Giving support to my friends, to the men and women I met, who told me their stories. I liked somehow to show this support and admiration to all those people I don’t even know but who stand strong facing this drama with courage and humility.It’s also important to me not to forget the loss when the main thought is about to rebuild.
I might be a ridiculous rain drop in the ocean of help Christchurch got from every part of the country, but I definitely wanted to be a part of it.
This project has been submitted to the Christchurch City Council. The donation of prints didn’t find any reply yet – everybody can understand that they may have some bigger preoccupations right now – but I’d still like to give it some exposure.

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6 11 2011

Many years ago in a land… Vogue Magazine ran this series comparing famous paintings with the events of Woodstock. Of course you could have compared paintings with the annual Lord Simcoe day at Centenial Park in Toronto as well. But it doesn’t have the same ring to it. I first saw this at Miss Moss’s blog. I had an opportunity to go to Woodstock. Wasn’t doing much that week. But no one was crazy about going. Too much hastle from the border guards. (They hated long hairs.) But a friend did go. Said he spent the whole weekend on LSD. Sat watching the  concert inside this great box that had been built. It was actually a speaker. Later, after he’d come down, he found that he was deaf. His hearing didn’t come back to  him for over a week.

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Sounding like a snob

4 11 2011

Who invented bad taste? Did it go right back to those cave drawings? Was there a second cave with neon pics of babes? Well some would say that its modern re-inventor was Edgar Leeteg. He was, apparently, responsible for the invention of black velvet paintings. This is art that appeals to the 12 year old in us. I say 12 year old, because anyone younger has a better idea what art is. But a 12 year old is concerned with things that are ‘cool’. But velvet paintings  are bought by folks from all ages. And proudly hung in their living rooms. They appeal to both the ‘gay bachelor’ and the ‘middle-aged grandmother’. I would guess that rich people never buy them. This is the art of the climbing middle-class. With little education. Who aspire to have some class in their life.

The pictures range from Elvis to the Last Supper, from a nude to a lion, from Hawaii to a bowl of fruit. I have included one of my own pieces in this menage. Can you find it?

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Right now I’m sounding like a snob. (I am a snob.) But some folks have a strong affection for such art. What they see in this work is a mystery. And I have never been given a real explanation. Of course, I’ve never asked.

People can’t help themselves.

17 10 2011

People can’t help themselves. They see one. On the mantlepiece. On a table. In a box. They pick it up. And shake it. And then smile. At the snow flying at whatever scene is depicted inside. As if they were God shaking life. Snow globes/shakers are not art. But what are they? These ornaments. Kitsch. Where do they fit into what we might call the human experience? If aliens landed and picked up one of these things. Would they shake it? Would they be delighted? Or would it fly under the radar of their understanding? One thing you can say about them. They’re round.

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Flap Flap

5 09 2011

There’s a lesson in here for everyone especially politicians who disrespect their colleagues.

production company: Filmakademie BW
length: 1’35”
directors: Tom Weber . Ilija Brunck . Jan Bitzer
producer: Sinje Gebauer
sound: Ilija Brunck . Jan Bitzer