Stephen Abela

1 07 2014

Leisure. Summer on the beach. A timeless almost iconic pleasure. Sun, waves, children laughing. And the sunlight. Being absorbed. It is an absurd preoccupation of most human beings. Perhaps it is the closest to what people would call heaven.

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Graffitti from StreetAndArt

8 01 2014

My daughter has 13 or so tattoos. I hope she doesn’t see these pieces.

graffitt1 graffitt2 graffitt3 graffitt4 graffitt5

Leslie Graff

28 06 2013

“I enjoying painting in a variety of styles and mediums exploring metaphors of relationships through images.”

So says the artist Leslie Graff. In a series of paintings she hides or removes the head/face of her model. To be discreet? Is it a lover? Or herself? Is it every woman? It is very American.

Leslie Graff1 Leslie Graff2 Leslie Graff3 Leslie Graff4 Leslie Graff5 Leslie Graff6 Leslie Graff7

monika nguyen

25 04 2013

monika nguyen 

Look closely. In almost every pic there is something… odd. And the architexture is modern. Almost futuristic. And everything is new. And empty. There are no messes. Is this paradise or hell?

Monika Nguyen1 Monika Nguyen2 Monika Nguyen3 Monika Nguyen4 Monika Nguyen5 Monika Nguyen6 Monika Nguyen7 Monika Nguyen8 Monika Nguyen9

Bia Ferrer

4 04 2013

“Dinners, good music and lots of fantasy. Shooting was the next step and although nothing has been agreed or thought the photo flowed naturally. Unconnected scenes, blurry, poorly lit .. but full of meaning, at least to me.

I recorded these moments for almost 08 years, and not always all meetings were photographed, the picture only came when she asked .. was instinctive. Sometimes it was only one, who translated all my feelings and made a synthesis of history, others, several photos were made, as if I wanted to create a narrative that night …”

Her pictures are eclectic. Some times you have to reach into the picture to try and figure out what you are looking at. Other times the pic assaults you.

Bia Ferrer1 Bia Ferrer2 Bia Ferrer3 Bia Ferrer4 Bia Ferrer5 Bia Ferrer6 Bia Ferrer7 Bia Ferrer8 Bia Ferrer9

Marie Cosindas

5 10 2012

Marie Cosindas. I find her portraits both interesting and bizarre. It as if she has lived in a surreal world.

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Mara Kurtz

25 07 2012

Mara Kurtz runs her own design school. She also has a blog that you might find interesting. I like some of her collage work. There is a feel of the ‘Cleavers do cubism’ about them. Although they use some of the tools of the more political/critical collages about them, they are not critical of the American experience. They almost seem neutral toward Amercan culture. And I confess, the more I see the more neutral my impression.

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