Daan Botlet

29 07 2014

Its the simplicity of his work, the cleverness, (and there’s always a third) its audacity, and the humor. Plain joy.

Daan Botlet1 Daan Botlet2 Daan Botlet3 Daan Botlet4 Daan Botlet5 Daan Botlet6 daan-botlek-06 DaanBotlek7_FRANK151 Daan-Botlek-Street-Art-4-600x399

Kuris loves his coffee..

7 06 2014

Kuris loves his coffeeEd Kuris could drink gallons of coffee and then fall fast asleep.

by David Halliday

Nick Genova

31 07 2011

This young man has been making videos for quite some time. Mostly skate vids. He’s got a good eye. And a wicked sense of humor. I love his stuff. This video is called the Death of the Obselete. Very funny.

This is his sight on Vimeo



Ryan Schude

22 07 2011

It’s right at that moment. The one where you are about to lose your balance. And fall. When you reach for the glass that is about to fall off the table. Listening to her tell you that it’s all…. That is the work of Ryan Schude. The pieces are like stills in a motion picture. Except they are life. Except they are staged. Like art.

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Too Darn Hot

22 07 2011

This is Ann Miller in a pretty race version of the song.

If she can dance like that I think I know what’s she’s thinking. Except at my age. Its still Too Darn Hot


Plot Device

21 07 2011

This is a clever little film that I found on the net at Vimeo.

Its called Plot Device. And its a lot of fun. So if you want a little break in your evening. Sit back. Relax. And hit play.



28 06 2011

Marjac is a Belgian collage artist. His work is playfull. Fun. He has a wicket sense of  humour. There is no pretense to his work. Of course his sight is in French and my French is limited. But I like this guy.

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16 06 2011

I can find out very little about this artist. I don’t know if fugga is his name, joke, etc. But I do like his work. Some of it more than others. His work is more mainline (if I can say that) in the collage world. It is amusing. Though there are few risks taken. There are visual ideas. But few head ideas.

Luca Mainini

15 06 2011

Luca Mainini’s work is wonderful. Filled with visual puns, jokes, a great deal of humour. And I think that is one of the strengths of collage. Even his titles are funny. Reminding me of a friend of mine, Ed Kuris, who also likes to use puns to mock his own work. The artist in both these cases is telling us not to take their work too seriously. At the same time, this attitude makes their work more worthy of attention and examination.

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Bicycle Thieves

11 06 2011

It was the nineteen fifties. The suburbs. Septic tanks. Cape Cod houses. Row on row. New schools. Bullies. Mad boys. Black and white television. Aerials. Dogs running free. Pond hockey. Cigarettes. Teenage crushes. Bicycle Thieves. And death.