23 07 2016


Another piece from my upcoming (if i ever get off my ass and finish) graphic like novel called “Property”.


20 07 2016

Another pic from my upcoming graphic novel “Property”


Batman’s Unusual Adventure

19 12 2014

Batman's unusual adventureby David Halliday

Tim Doyle

1 12 2014

From Tarrantino to the Simpsons, Doyle has recast iconic images through his own visions.

Tim Doyle1 Tim Doyle2 Tim Doyle3 Tim Doyle5 Tim Doyle6 Tim Doyle7 Tim Doyle8 Tim Doyle9 Tim Doyle11 Tim-Doyle-blue-ruin-head-for-the-hills-Print TimDoyleStayOffTheMoorsVariant

Wolfgang Dieter Bauer

28 10 2012

Wolfgang Dieter Bauer. The wealthy. The young. Healthy. Moments in a day for those who can afford to lounge. I don’t know if this is social commentary. Or if Bauer loves this world. There is no paranoia. No fear that it could suddenly end. Nothing joyous or passionate. Everything seems cool. Aloof. Matter of fact.

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Jack Vettriano

21 09 2012

Tawdry. Sleazy. Like something out of Mickey Spillane. Or John O’Hara. Stories from the post war America. The early 50s. Fast women. Fast cars. And everyone smoked.

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Alex Andreyev

6 07 2011

To say that Alex Andreyev’s work was not mind blowing, would be quibbling. A lot of his work is in the realm of science fiction or fantasy. And so lovely to look at. And imagine. Filled with wonderful visual ideas. He is Russian. Living in St. Petersborough.

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