the woman in the top right hand window

22 01 2017


red head on the beach… version three

13 09 2016


Ieva Baklane

31 10 2013

Love this artist’s work. The simplicity. Flat surfaces. Story telling. And her choice of colours. Look at those blues. Ieva Baklane

eva baklane2 eva baklane3 eva baklane4 eva baklane5 eva baklane6 eva baklane7 eva baklane8 Eva Blaklane1

Drew Taylor

4 02 2013

Drew Taylor 

A lot of excitement in the group 1 of 7 billion. Drew Taylor’s work is fun, very exciting, filled with gags, skits, and visual ideas. If there is one drawback it is that his pics are only retrievable in thumbs. Too small for such a big talent.

Drew Taylor1 Drew Taylor2 Drew Taylor3 Drew Taylor4 Drew Taylor5 Drew Taylor6 Drew Taylor7

9 01 2013

Ysabel LeMay

15 10 2012

Ysabel LeMay. Beautiful work. A kind of quietness in her presentation. Her view of nature as being poetry is naive. At the same time it is very powerful. And her work rises above the ordinary visions of birds, bees and flowers.

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L’Etat Second

3 07 2012

I’m a little confused by these collages. They are from a mag called L’Etat Second. But I cannot find the artist who created these. They are interesting but very busy.

They also use a lot of language in them. Almost European on their view of language as equal to image. The images then appear to be very political. They also use a slash and paste method which looks violent. Or at least energized.