Making Movies

23 02 2015

Making MoviesWhile living in Belgium I watched a lot of British television. There are a lot of documentary shows on different film directors. I decided to create my own documentary about a fictional Canadian director and a company of players.

The documentary was divided amongst a number of films the group created together. Each film was a long poem written down the left side of the page, and the comments of the participants on the right. The comments were not just about the movie in question but about the relationships inside the group.

The book is not a novel, in the conventional format. It is not a long poem in the conventional sense. Most of the reviews were very positive, but the first review was from The Globe and Mail. The reviewer said, ‘this is not how movies are made’. I think all he read was the title. It did kill the book though, although the reviewer in question is now dead, so I suppose the scales are balanced.

The book went ‘e’ a few years ago and received a number of awards, which I somehow have misplaced. Also, all the printed books were lost in the flood of 2013. I might add that there was some talk during publication of making an actual movie based on the book. Of course in true Hollywood tradition, that was mostly hype.

Have a read. Making Movies.


a few moments before 8

2 01 2015

a few moments before 8by David Halliday


Adventures of Fred Episode OneDownload


The God of Six Points

21 12 2013

smallA Pint smallAnderson Sisters smallBurnhamthorpe Bus smallEcho Valley smallHidden Valley smallHumber Valley smallHurricaine Hazel smallIslington Hotel smallIslington House smallJack Sirdevan smallJohnsons smallKingsway smallMalton Airport smallMary smallOld Bill smallOld Jack smallPalais Royale smallShack smallShanahan smallSilverthorn smallThe Village smallThe WifeThese pieces were fictional photographs that I created for a book called The God of Six Points. The book was epublished several years ago and I think I’m going to republish it. The illustrations as I recall were not included in the original manuscript.


2 11 2013





about the hanging



the courthouse poured out the crowd


who carried the accused




their finger tips……………beneath


………………………………….cracked plaster sky


a violin and the moon passed


twisted shaken trees


a sailor trembling on the beach


handcuff’d peasants on their knees


crystal tears silver smiles in a cage


haunting wailing choirs


a french girl


pointed………………………… to the flag pole


the mob unravelled him


and hung him


from the




where he waved in the wind





Before there was the Simpson trial, before there was Judge Judy, there was murder. Murder is a book that unwinds like a movie with each poem a scene. We open with an introduction to the killer followed by the killer’s introduction to the victim at the murder scene. We read a report on the victim and then are introduced to the murder scene, the body at the morgue, the meeting of friends and relatives at the funeral. The police round up a group of suspects. An innocent man is charged and brought to trial. The judge, the prosecution, the defense lawyer, the spectators in the courtroom are introduced. Witnesses are brought forward who reveal their version of the events surrounding the murder. A judgment is brought down. The judge washes his hands of everything to do with the accused and turns him over to the mob who crucify the innocent man. After this horrendous lynching, the mob disbands and the world returns to its innocence.

I didn’t win!

28 05 2012

I didn’t win. And I don’t know where to begin. Who do I blame first? ….

My ebook The Death of Lou Grant was up for a prize from EPIC. I’m not big on prizes. Unless I win. Actually even when/if I win I’m ready to contest the decision. I’m of the Groucho Marx point of view, “I wouldn’t join a club that would have someone like me as a member.” Anyway, I’d like to congratulate the winner. Whoever he is. Did I say I was a finalist? No? Well, I was. You should read the book. It’s free. For now.

I stole that from myself.

13 01 2012

This is an advertisement for myself. That might be a line from Ferlinghetti. I’ve written a number of books. You might check them out on this sight called iAMaBOOK. I stole that from myself.

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The Planet Jack

3 12 2011

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Jack is a world inside a world. A dream inside a dream. Einstein inside Newton. Hemingway inside Aristophanes. A noun inside a verb. An idea inside an acorn. It is the knot that we call consciousness. Jack exists in a different dimension. Somewhere between reality and fantasy. Between the waking state and sleep. Nightmares on Jack are a reality. They exist. Monsters appear and crawl out from under children’s beds. Time is a prankster and doubles back on you just when you think you have escaped. Jack is especially difficult for children. Who become entranced by their dreams and have trouble separating the world in their mind and the world – out there. On Jack ‘out there’ is an illusion.

Come see for yourself. The Planet Jack


The Mystery of Edwin Drood

26 11 2011

I loved Charles Dickens as a young writer. The most unsatisfactory book I read of his was his last. Written. Never finished. So I took the title of his book and attached it to my own. The stories were changed to protect…

Edwin Drood dies. But why? His girlfriend never understood him. Though she feared for her life at times. His enemies were numerous. But would they kill one of their best dealers. Did he cheat someone in a drug deal? Or was it something else. About the world. About himself.

I lived this short novel. Almost. I wasn’t a drug dealer but everything else fit. Except the ending.

This is a free download. So its cheap. But still a good read. On your short journey to work.

Kitty Litter in the Sky

29 10 2011

The Fred and Me stories started off as a conversation between a philosophy student and a compost. The compost was a god. And the questions would have been philosophic in nature. Than a friend of mine had disaster hit him. His wife was having an affair with the kid who took her groceries out to her car. (That became part of the story.) Now the philosophy student had bigger problems than what is the meaning of life? His wife wanted a divorce. And then Fred stepped in. Fred was their cat. He could talk. Not just suddenly. Always could. But when the philosophy student stopped taking his medication for bi-polarism, the cat, Fred, decided he had to get something off his chest. And so started the series (4 inall) of short novels called Fred and Me.

I called the stories ‘animation fiction’. Like Magic Realism. Everything was alive. And anything was possible.  The stories fit into the category of ‘madcap adventures’. They are free. And worth every penny. You can download them at

Fred and Me Episode 1

Somewhere in the 1970s

13 10 2011

No one was going to tell them what life was about. Or tell them how to party. They were free. And arrogant. And young. It was the 1970s and everyone was lost.

Somewhere in the 1970s.