Gina Higgins

12 04 2016

Philip Scott Johnson

8 01 2016

Making Movies

28 12 2015

FREE download.  Making Movies.

‘The magic of film is recreated, taken apart, examined and lovingly satirized in an unusual work of fiction. David Halliday imagines a BBC documentary about ‘the well known Canadian film maker Samuel Bremmer’. We see moments of the films themselves; we hear the words of the actors, the designers and the commentary of the director, Samuel Bremmer. The illusion of film, and how it is created against a backdrop of money problems, personality clashes, jealousies, ambitions, love and vanity. Originally published by Press Porcepic.’

29 06 2015

Sergei Parajanov (Armenian: Սերգեյ Փարաջանով; Russian: Серге́й Ио́сифович Параджа́нов; Georgian: სერგო ფარაჯანოვი; Ukrainian: Сергій Йо́сипович Параджа́нов; sometimes spelled Paradzhanov or Paradjanov; January 9, 1924 – July 20, 1990) was an Armenianfilm director and artist from the Soviet Union who made significant contributions to Ukrainian, Armenian and Georgian cinema.[1] He invented his own cinematic style, which was totally out of step with the guiding principles of socialist realism (the only sanctioned art style in the USSR). This, combined with his controversial lifestyle and behaviour, led Soviet authorities to repeatedly persecute and imprison him, and suppress his films.

The Players

20 06 2015

One of my most well received books, (I received mine in the mail), The Black Bird was a lot of fun to write. It was a surreal novel, written in a kind of plastic form to take advantage of the media of the 1930s (film, newsreels, short animations). You can download this ebook version (free I believe) at The Black Bird.

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Stefan Venbroek

15 05 2015

Stefan Venbroek is an visual artist and animator living in the Netherlands, where he was born 30 years ago. As an visual artist, Stefan is interested in the depiction of people and all other things that surround him. As an animator, Stefan experiments with time, shapes and structures. He likes to build worlds and objects that come to life, in his experimental animated films

His work is interesting. And fun.


Dianne Gall

21 03 2015

Dianne Gall. Her work has the look of cinema. Scenes from a story that is about to unravel in front of us. Except it doesn’t and we are left with that odd feeling of anticipation. And it is creepy.