Arturo Elena

4 11 2015

Arturo Elena


Annick Bouvattier

4 08 2015

Some of her work strikes me as tacky. Other work is very interesting. So I’m not completely sure what to think.

miss aniela

3 04 2015

I love these staged photographs that are almost collages, almost paintings.

“Miss Aniela has become a reference in the domain of fashion photography that flirts with fine art, creating magical glamorous spaces and suspending them in memorable images, with a dreamy aristocracy and a surrealist subtext.”

Aniela is the middle name of Natalie Dybisz, a fine-art fashion photographer based in London, UK. Originating as a self-portrait artist in 2006, Miss Aniela’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in numerous media including NY Arts, El Pais, ALARM Chicago, Vogue Italia and BBC.

Rebeca Saray

16 02 2015

The amazing thing about fashion photographers (or at least the ones that intrigue me) is their ability to tell stories. Sometimes mysteries. Sometimes comedies.  And they create colours and textures and images that are fascinating. Rebeca Saray must be a very successful photographer. Just look at her name.

Rebeca Saray004-stunning-portraits-rebeca-saray Rebeca Saray29_years_old____selfportrait_by_rebeca_saray600_400 Rebeca Saray75a40080f9acfd7ab6c7b49fd51b8fc4 Rebeca Saray0110326_myegoo_mg9461np_3_o-600x414 Rebeca Sarayfashion-photography-rebeca-saray-23 Rebeca Sarayimages Rebeca Saraymother_earth_by_dosis-d3f5nb3 Rebeca Saraymyegoo_6451660np_o Rebeca_Saray__A_Aguado_III_by_AnitaMdz Rebeca-Saray-Red-Desire

Yanzhou Bao

30 01 2015

I loved the colours in this photographic/fashion collection. Yanzhou Bao is the photographer.  It as if the pics are bleeding.

Yanzhou Bao74481ebdad36761f832175db9c1c11f6 Yanzhou Baob8354ebc9194a1d93760ebaa70c4f0f8-560x839 Yanzhou Baodd62caa15cfee20b77dc5782a698794f Yanzhou Baofb67b1f884e695302a8d62d836404552 Yanzhou Baoindex Yanzhou Baoindex2 Yanzhou Baonhw_3554-2_1Black BirdBlack Bird


Serge Lutens

5 01 2015


Serge Lutens is a French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, perfume art-director and fashion designer. Serge Lutens is most well known for his art direction and photography for Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido in the 1980s.

I love his use of flat spaces. Gorgeous.

Serge Lutens144 Serge Lutens201 Serge Lutensartlimited_img55872Serge Lutens Serge Lutens-Bench -1 Serge Lutensin_anima_over-redim Serge Lutensla_photo_de_serge_lutens__2815_north_382x Serge Lutenssl-3 Serge Lutenssl33 serge+lutens+Shade+Light+Tulles+Cuttings+Elena+Kountoura+1995 serge-lutens-8Church StreetDownload Church Street Is Burning

Damien Blottiere

26 12 2014

I love this guy’s work. He is part of the fashion industry and his visual ideas are very exciting. Or maybe he’s helped solve a few problems that I’ve been playing with. In any event I love this guy’s work. (I said that, didn’t I.) Damien Blottiere

Damien Blottiere1 Damien Blottiere2 Damien Blottiere3 Damien Blottiere4 Damien Blottiere5 Damien Blottiere6 Damien Blottiere7 Damien Blottiere8




25 12 2014

What is art? Tough question. Especially when it involves commerce. And it has always involved commerce. Michelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel for nothing. No money, no art. Maybe. But art has been corrupted by too much money. Not that living artists are wealthy. But museums like Getty’s and the new museums in the middle east like Art Dubai have distorted an already bulbous market. And then there is pop culture in general. Rock, rap, fashion etc have created this image of elitist and very rich artists. Some are, some aren’t. Dylan is an artist. Jaggar is an artist but a bad one. And Tony Bennet is a singer. More and more we focus on personality and not the work. And of course, a lot of people (mostly galleries, record, and film producers) are making a lot of money. Its like the royal family in England. Visible but useless.

POPART1cottoncandykatyweb-e1351320654871-1 Lady Gaga Artpop album cover by Jeff Koons POPART3katy-perry-prism POPARTRihanna-snake-gq

Peggy Wolf

16 12 2014

Ms. Wolf has bridged the gap between art and fashion. Has used collage in interesting, arresting, and simple ways. The things she does just look neat. They also look commercial. But this does not seem to mininimumalize (I created this word) their charm.

PeggyWolf1 PeggyWolf2 PeggyWolf3 PeggyWolf4 PeggyWolf5 PeggyWolf6 PeggyWolf10Peggy wolf in the kitchen Peggy Wolf1 Peggy Wolfeclectic-artwork Peggy Wolffrom-a-painting-broken-cookies_peggy-wolf_web1_zps7ede8d87 Peggy Wolfil_570xN.311871894 Peggy Wolfpw2b Peggy Wolftumblr_m5gbv2urS11qejis5 Peggy-Wolf4 peggy-wolf5

Amanda Adrien Patout

11 12 2014

I find this artist’s work both intriguing and disturbing. I’m not even sure of her name. Or his. Amanda Adrien Patout

Amanda Adrien Patout Amanda Adrien Patout1 Amanda Adrien Patout2 Amanda Adrien Patout3 Amanda Adrien Patout4 Amanda Adrien Patout5