American Bandstand

2 09 2016

American Bandstand

she’s such a showoff

25 02 2016

She's such a showoff

Edward Burra

26 05 2015

One of the oddest and most interesting artists I have come across.

Just one time… tell me what you’re thinking… I can’t, I just can’t

18 05 2015


Just one time... tell me what you’re thinking...I can’t. I just can’ David Halliday


melodrama… why does it exist?

I’ll never love again…

17 05 2015

I'll never love againby David Halliday


a kind of flashback to the old variety programs like the Ed Sullivan Show, The Andy Williams Show, The Dinah Shore Show.

I have never felt so transparent…

17 05 2015

I have never felt so transparent..byDavid Halliday

David Bailey

16 03 2015

Looking back. We were all part of it. Vanity. We kept looking into store windows to check ourselves out. We weren’t trying on new clothes. We were trying on new looks. David Bailey photographed many of those people who made up the privileged vanes. (As opposed to my friends and I who were middle-class vanes.)  It was fun. But I wonder how many of those people survived that adulation. It killed a lot of them. John Lennon was one of the few who wrote and talked about it. But its like a fly in a spider web. No matter how much you try you never seem to get yourself out of it.

David Bailey © Jack Nicholson