Christian Wilhelm Allers (1857 – 1915)

21 07 2017

Victor Coleman Anderson (1882-1937)

6 02 2017

Lily Mae Martin

31 05 2016

Lily Mae Martin - Cella Gallery - Femme Fatale - surface and surface

Martin van Maële

25 05 2016

Xavier Mellery

11 12 2015

Neil Moore

14 09 2015

Ikeda Manabu

28 08 2015

Manabu Ikeda is known for weaving together fantastical, chaotic illustrations, often eclipsing an entire wall with his trademark combination of a traditional Japanese painting style and an ultra-detailed brand of surrealism. Some have even associated his work with prophecy on more than one occasion, he tells The Creators Project. Viewers have drawn a connection between his oceanic ink drawing Fortoken (2008) and the 2011 tsunami that shook his homeland of Japan to its core.

The tsunami he drew in Foretoken is a perfect example of the underlying theme that runs through almost all of his work: mankind’s relationship with nature. “Human beings are part of nature,” Ikeda said. “In the scars left by human beings on nature, I feel that it is possible to glimpse the strength of both their energies.” This philosophy is evident in his depiction of dense urban areas as they clash with massive waves, envelop mountains, and even take the form of a serpent-shaped city.